DIY reversible puzzle craft

I should have declared October as “Celebrate Halloween” here on the blog. Because the amount of crafting has been a little overboard. But really, this is the last Halloween idea I’m sharing for the year.
And I can’t take credit for the idea. I saw it here on a site I love: Saltwater Kids. But I’ll show you a few updated steps and designs I came up with.

I volunteered to help with Lucy’s class Halloween party on Monday and I’m in charge of the craft. So, we’re making reversible Halloween puzzles! They’re made out of large popsicle sticks with little pictures drawn on both sides. And they’re so much fun! You could make these for any season or holiday.
Green on one side:
Orange on the other:
* Start with large wooden sticks, found at craft stores (you need about 6 sticks per puzzle). Some stores sell pre-colored sticks but the color options are limited. So….
* Grab your favorite spray-paint colors
* Spray the sticks with one color and let them dry. If you’re in a windy area, tape them all together on the back first.
* Flip the sticks over and spray them on the other side with another color.
* I sprayed 120 sticks in orange/green and 120 sticks in black/white so that 20 kids can have 1 of each puzzle.
When you’re ready to decorate the puzzles, tape 6 sticks together on the back. Use simple masking tape or painter’s tape.
Then draw your Halloween image. The Saltwater Kids tutorial uses a stencil and paint to create the pumpkin. I found that a Sharpie marker and free-hand drawing works well too and the markers come in a variety of colors. For the black cat I used a silver Sharpie, meant for coloring on dark surfaces.

When you’re done with one image, pull off the tape, flip over the sticks, tape them again, and draw another image on the orange side. Two puzzles in one!
When I share the craft with Lucy’s kindergarten class, I’m going to come with the sticks already taped together (on one side; they’ll have to tape the other side when done). And I’m going to draw the outlines of each image for the kids as well. Her teacher thought it would be easiest for their age-level to simply draw-in and decorate the faces.

I’ll have a plastic bag for each child’s puzzle pieces so everything doesn’t become a giant mess.
The Saltwater Kids Tutorial shares steps for sewing little orange puzzle bags, with free printable tags!–should you give them out as Halloween treats or favors.

Then just let your kids play.
Owen’s enjoyed the puzzles all morning.
Happy Halloween!

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