my favorite thing the kids say

Lucy and Owen have a hard time grasping the phrase “bare feet”.
So whenever they’re running outside without shoes on they yell back at me, “Mom, I’ve got my feet on!” And sometimes they ask permission, “Mom, can I just wear my feet today?”
It makes me laugh every time.
And then I have an odd visual in my mind of people around the world coming home from a busy day of work, and hanging their feet up at the front door.

“Boy, my dogs are tired. Wore them all day. But hey, fashion over comfort!”
And of course those visuals morph into the song “J.J. Casuals” running through my head. If you’ve never seen the SNL sit, click here (then click on “bonus videos” and click on the pic of Andy Samberg holding up a pair of plastic feet).

Funny kids, from head to toe.
Are you wearing feet today?

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