Hairography–the past 15 years

Today I’m getting my hair highlighted and (eek) cut, I think.

A year ago I shared this post about my hair, day makers, and the art of creativity. So I thought it would be fun to show you the spectrum of hair styles I’ve had over the years. It’s gone from long to short, to brown, to bleached, to super duper short, back to long and even pinkish-gray (though I never actually saw that one. You know it’s a bad sign when the stylist–I mean, student–tells you not to look in the mirror till they add a bit more blue and yellow to your hair to balance out the pink and purple. Whaaat?)

Here’s what I looked like most of my growing up years. Long standard blond hair. And uh, eyebrows that needed more attention. Yikes.
Note to the younger readers….this is before digital cameras, camera phones, and facebook apps. A person didn’t have 100 different snapshots of themselves ready to upload in a given minute. Thus, the random “I work at Godiva chocolates” and prom photos.

When I left for college I was a bit of a purist about my hair. “I’m never going to dye it or cut it (aside from a trim) It’s going to stay long and blond.” Then my sophmore year I moved off campus and life got more exciting. I chopped it and started mixing in color.
And after 4 years of college, 6 years of single life, and 6 years of being a married mom, we’ve arrived back at the long blond–hopefully with improved taste?
I guess I was a late bloomer. In fact, I didn’t have a real boyfriend till I was 19! Wow. Did I really just admit that on my blog?

I must say that “bangs” and “long brown” have been my favorite.
But today I’m ready for a change. I’m thinking short but still blond. Sort of the new, old me. Whenever I ask for Casey’s input he says he likes all of them, but sums it up with, “Well, I fell in love with a short-haired blond girl.” (However, when it comes to the really short pixie cut his comment is “wow. Your boyfriend must have really liked you then.”–this was before Casey and I had met–Haah. Not sure I’d do the super short again but it sure was easy to style!)
What would you do?

  1. 1) Kiss Chang

    I think the style in the 2nd row, far right of the set of 16 you posted, is most flattering style. Short blond bob with side swept bangs. But I’m just a stranger giving my two cents! I did use your circle skirt tutorial for my 4 yr old’s birthday outfit and it was so easy to follow! Thanks! Now to make two more for my other two daughters…

  2. 2) Jen

    So cute Dana, I have pretty much kept it the same all of my life, long and brown sometimes with a little red in in. One time I cut it short, like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, and I hated it :(. So I grew it long again it’s always past my shoulders and either straight or beachy waves.

  3. Hey Dana. I’ve visited your blog a lot but don’t think I’ve ever commented until today, lol. I just wanted to say that the pic of your with short brown hair and the sunglasses on top is my fav. You look adorable. I’m not usually a fan of short hair or of the hair bumps but you can totally rock it.

  4. 4) Diane

    Love the long brown pic with your husband, you look beautiful!!

  5. 6) Kris Kimbrough

    I like the chin length brown cut. It’s super cute! Then again, you rocked all of the styles flawlessly! šŸ™‚

  6. 7) Ellen

    It doesn’t sound very old to me to not have a boyfriend until you were 19. I was 18. šŸ™‚ I think it’s more of a “to smart to fall for the stupid boys” or “every guy in that age is a jerk”…

  7. Love the short brown one! So grungey ^_^

    And I didn’t have my first boyfriend until I was 19 either šŸ™‚ I was teased A LOT in highschool for not having any boobs! And then after school I grew them and suddenly everyone was like “Oh hey!”

    Are you sunburned in one of those photos? ha

  8. 9) kelly

    You looked gorgeous in every style! How fun! Don’t worry, my first boyfriend was my husband and I met him when I was 22. So your not alone. šŸ™‚

  9. 10) Holly Luzzi

    I love short hair! My husbands input…”I like your hair short because it you do it everyday” haha. Let’s just say I am a ponytail girl when it comes to long hair and I have a five head (really big forehead) which looks more extreme with long hair. šŸ™‚ So when it’s short I’m happy and he’s happy šŸ™‚

    My fav pic of your short hair is the very first one with a slight a-line to it!

  10. 11) JO

    I like the third of the top row, or fourth of the second row! You are so cute and so lucky that your face works with so many styles!

  11. It was so fun to read this post again. You were such a babe in your dance picture from high school! I have to say I kind of love your hair dark! …but you are always beautiful blonde of course. šŸ™‚

  12. 13) Renea

    I personally like the one where you are wearing the red shirt (2nd Row far right).

  13. 14) Jenny

    with young kids, I feel like it’s a necessity to have an easy hair cut. SO, either super short pixie or just long enough for the ponytail (if needed). I dig the blonde locks, and in reality, you can wear any style and look fantastic! šŸ™‚ AND there is one thing for certain. If you cut it and hate it… it WILL grow back! Good luck deciding!

  14. I LOVE your hair in the secind pic on the top when it was short!! Love the highlights and the cut! SO beautiful!

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