series favorites and inspiration

Earlier this month I posted about some fun series happening in blogland.
Some of them are wrapping up, some are still going, and they’re all filled with creative eye candy. Here’s a recap of my favorites!

Made by Rae is announced the winner of Spring Top Week TODAY! Jump over for the Reader’s Choice and our Judge’s Choice. As one of the judges, we looked through all of the tops submitted, narrowed down our favorites, and then you guys voted for the winners. These all caught my eye–I’d wear any of them!
1. Blue Dots of Liberty 2. Criss-Cross hides Applesauce 3. Gypsy Top 4. Rainbow Blouse 5. Flowery Button Down 6. Block Top 7. Summer Camp Shirt 8. Lacey Little Folks 9. Swiss Pumpkin Top 10. Portfolio Tunic 11. French Inspired Tunic 12. Ruffled Red Top

For Spring Top Week, Rae also shared her own creations…..which I’d love to wear as well. Do I need some new tops?–other than boyfriend tees? I guess so.

Kids Clothing Week Challenge wrapped up on Elsie Marley last week. If you ever need kid’s clothes inspiration, her flickr group is packed with cool ideas. My favorites:
1. Tiny Tea Leaves Cardigan 2. Knot Shorts 3. hot pink Boden knockoff 4. Fancy Pants 5. Sprout Dress 6. Leah Tunic 7. Green Skirt 8. Zebra Legs 9. Sailor Pants 10. Sundress 11. Pink Dress 12. Playdate Dress
Free Pattern Month at Grosgrain is still happening through the end of the month. Four projects I’d love to try: 1. Madras Tote by Noodlehead 2. Scalloped Hat by Very Purple Person 3. The Dish and the Spoon by Happy Together 4. A-Frame Tent by Cakies
And finally, don’t forget to Color Your Summer over at Delia Creates and Kojo Designs! It’s a rainbow of fruit flavors:
1. Baby in Red Top 2. Heart Pillows 3. Poppy Dress 4. Picnic Basket Liner 5. Bucket Full of Sunshine Hat 6. Produce Bags 7. Corsage Cuff 8. Hoop Handbag 9. Crochet Party Hat

That’s a lot of colorful inspiration. I’ve got a colorful summer tutorial in the works for tomorrow! Okay, have a great Monday.

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