ruffled streamers gift bags

It’s probably a good idea to sew 120 yards of ruffles.
I mean, if you’re making 1 roll of streamers you might as well make 40?  Like when I made all those bags?
At least that sounds right in my head.

And it always looks right on my table.

And every time I sew Ruffled Streamers I think “Oh that color combo is my absolute favorite!”

Oh wait, this one’s my favorite….

It’s like a candy shop of ruffled paper and I just want to swim in it!….and then share the ruffled love with all my friends….which is why I was sewing these in the first place…..

Last week I was invited to a small sewing retreat hosted by Baby Lock Sewing machines, who’s motto–by the way–is For the Love of Sewing! isn’t that cute??  I’m starting a new partnership with them and can’t wait to tell you more about their machines.

So for two days straight, 38 of us sewers and bloggers got to hang out at Baby Lock headquarters, learn more about their machines, exchange business ideas, and just get to know each other!  I got to chat with Nancy Zieman—you know, THE Nancy Zieman, pioneer of sewing, Sewing With Nancy, Nancy?  She was great.  I learned about how the Missouri Star Quilt Company got started and how they’ve kept their small town alive through their business.  And I got to spend the night at See Kate Sew’s house because we were in such deep conversation that we missed our plane together—while sitting at the gate.

Long embarrassing story.
But good times.

(sorry for the ramble).
Back to streamers.

Baby Lock asked each of us to contribute an item to their swag bags for everyone to enjoy.
And I made each guest a roll of Ruffled Streamers!
This way they could decorate their hotel room….or have an after party at home with the fam.
They were really fun to make. And also fun to package.  So if you’re looking to give these away as gifts, here’s an idea for you…..

• First sew tons and tons of streamers using my video episode HERE, or my step-by-step tutorial HERE.
I made each of my ruffled rolls about 3 yards long.  And by using three rolls of standard streamers, I could make about 9 of those ruffled rolls.  That sounds complicated.  Basically, buy 3 rolls of streamers at the store and turn them into 9 rolls of ruffles.  Okay….
• While you’re sewing, listen to good music.  Or have your 8 year-old tell you stories about school and recess.
• Then enlist said 8 year-old to help you roll and package, because she just can’t resist touching every streamer.  They’re just too pretty!

I typed up my name and web address and had them printed at our local Office Depot, Staples, etc. on 11×17 white cardstock and cut them into skinny strips.  A paper cutter makes this part a lot faster.

And with just a little bit of branding, the streamers look so professional!

Then I purchased simple cellophane bags, slid my business card in the front, and stuffed a ruffled roll inside.

I also printed simple instructions so people knew how to party…and how to make new streamers in the future.

Then I included sticker dots to easily hang streamers on the wall.
And it was a party in a bag.

I don’t know how those of you with handmade shops do it.
I had the entire family help me stuff and package the bags….and there were only 40!

I did love how neatly Owen lined these up, and how he kept track of each and every bag when I handed it to him.  Those kids are good workers.

Then I stuffed them all in a box and shipped it off to Baby Lock headquarters.
And for one day our house felt like a little factory.
I seriously wish I could sell these in an etsy shop.  But it just wouldn’t be worth my time and effort.
So I guess I’ll just give them away as gifts.

Okay friends, have ruffled fun weekend!

  1. Oh my gosh, Nancy Zieman! I use her gathering technique to make ruffles for clothes. The Missouri Star Quilt Company story is a good one. Also, I’d love to hear the story of talking to Kate and missing your flight. 🙂

  2. 2) Tailored

    My kiddos do the same things! One just can’t help touching everything and the other takes his helping quite seriously and makes sure everything is just so!

  3. 3) Marilyn

    Love it! I just decided I am going to make streamers in red, white and blue for 4th of July decorations. Thanks!

  4. 4) Sharon

    These are so AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

  5. super cute!! i was just making a version of these today.. with a paper table cloth cut up and glitter ribbon… and I was thinking how hard it is to photograph garland…. I love the way you did it though… and WOW, that’s a lot of streamers ;o)

  6. Thats a lot of streamers! I love that color combination Lucy is holding. Congratulations on your partnership with babylock! Thats exciting!!! Ive been trying to save up for one of their sergers but of course i end up spending it on something else haha maybe by the end of the year.

  7. 7) Hilary

    Oh how your streamers brought back Happy,Happy childhood memories! My Dad used our Singer sewing machine to make long garlands exactly like this that were hung all across our rooms for Christmas.( My Mum didn’t sew, only Dad, he even made my beautiful crib covers and some of my clothes.) Each year they were carefully rolled up and put back into a box after Christmas, until of course they ceased to be the ‘mode’. Thank you for this lovely glimpse back to such wonderful times! My mum was the knitter of the family so she provided a lot of clothing too! And me! Well I sew, quilt, knit and crochet !

  8. 8) cathy

    I made these for my grand daughters’ first birthday back in April. I also made 100’s of yards because I could not stop once I got started. I used my gathering foot and did not have to hold the thread spool as suggested in the first blog. Great fun! Everyone at the party was impressed. Not only did we use them as streamers, but I hung paper giant paper flowers dangling over the cake table. Tooooo cute!

  9. 9) Amanda

    I love these! I’m going with a bunch of girls to kids camp next week and we get points for decorating our room. I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. I know what I’ll be working on this week! 🙂

  10. 10) Julie C

    I love these!! worked awesome for my daughters bday party! Making me think to make more as giveaway to the young girls in our fancier tea party’s 🙂 I
    I do find making them to be like a waking meditation of sorts you just get lost in it. I bet hanging out with Nancy was awesome- I just want to get locked up in her sewing room for a week- pics look like I fantasy room I’d like to have. Sounds like a good time- very curious what you brought home from others in the swag bag?!
    As always thanks for the inspiration & sharing.

  11. I love these! And I wish you sold these in an etsy shop! My kiddos have birthdays in August and my sewing machine is packed up with my mom for an unknown amount of time while we figure out the whole building a house while living in a tiny apartment thing so I would sooooo buy some of these for said birthday party 😉

  12. I just love looking at piles of pretty things in lots of colours 🙂 How anyone picks a favorite in those situations is beyond me!

    • 13) Dana

      haha. I totally agree! Stacks and piles of anything is pretty 🙂

  13. 14) Marci Heugly

    I love Baby Lock! I have the ellure plus machine and their imagine serger. I’m definitely a fan 🙂

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