Kitchen and Bath inspiration

Okay, now that you’re armed with Deborah’s fantastic Potholder Tutorial, how about a little more inspiration? (also an easy fix for those who don’t like to sew.)
Searching etsy, flickr, and google I found these lovelies (though I was surprised at how limited the options were. Which means, YOU need to make some cool yellow potholders and get them out there!)
(from left to right)
TOP Line:Primula Au Gratin, Round Yellow and White, Yellow Mardi Gras Butterflies, Pretty Patchwork Potholders,
MIDDLE line: Doily potholders, Potholder in Progress, Rikrak Etsy shop, Eco crocheted Sunny-side up,
BOTTOM line: Yellow Dahlia Potholders, Petals, Lemon!, Two Trees in the Tree Rings
Next, do your bathroom and kitchen towels need help too? THIS sink actually is a towel!
Check out these yellow ideas too (btw, I discovered that the term “dishcloth” typically brings up crocheted items, while “dishtowel” brings up towels and linens):
(from left to right)
TOP Line: CurryKay Designs green dahlia, Vintage Inspired modern text towel, Thistle Finch, Appetite Home yellow flora
MIDDLE line: Yellow Poppies, CostPlus fern towel, Appetite Home yellow and yuca, Thistle Finch
BOTTOM line: Metroweaving herringbone towel, Fisk and Fern Starburst towel, Japan Discoveries, CurryKay Designs Owl set
BOTTOM line: Yellow Dahlia Potholders, Petals, Lemon!, Two Trees in the Tree Rings
And finally, this shop is way too cool. It’s TO DRY FOR! haah. I think I need every dish towel that’s in there.
And just think, I’m only showing you yellow and gray designs! Oh, there’s so much eye candy on that site (note: the yellow utensils and bathroom sink towel pics are also from To DRY For).

Yes indeed!

The yellow is always shining over here.
Enjoy your Tuesday!

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