Put Me In the Zoo


Remember that small peek of yellow fabric with white buttons I shared a few weeks ago? Yep. Here you go!

The fabulous kid’s design site, Ohdeedoh, asked if I would join their Learning at Home Month by sharing our favorite kids book, author, illustrator, etc. Not an easy decision since there are so many classics out there. But I finally narrowed down our current favorite: Put me in the Zoo by Robert Lopshire.

Every time I read the book, I can’t stop staring at the girl’s darling yellow dress. It’s daintily perfect. And with little boy blue at her side, the children are like a mirror image of my own two kiddos. Maybe that’s why I like it so much.
So what could I do but make them little outfits like those in the book? It was too much fun.
Owen’s outfit was easy….
A 90 Minute Shirt:
and a simple pair of flat front shorts. These would be great for a school uniform and are similar to pants I’ve shared HERE. I promise, one day I’ll get a tutorial together. One day.
Lucy’s dress took a bit more time but no matter; it was the reason I wanted to sew the outfits in the first place! That little illustration is just too cute. The yellow! The short flipped out skirt! The buttons! I had to do it. I can’t decide if she looks similar to the drawing or if she’s a yellow-dressed Little Orphan Annie. But Lucy loved it and Casey said she looked like a Dr. Seuss character. Perfect.
There was no way to make the skirt stick out just as it does in the picture (well, while still making it wearable for church and other functions), so I cut a circle skirt and it gave just the right amount of flip and twirl I was hoping for. (Be ready for a skirt – not the dress – tutorial next week!)

Please head over to Ohdeedoh to read more about our family’s favorite books.

Have a spinning Thursday!

  1. 1) Nadya Crouch

    So cute! Can’t wait for the yellow dress tutorial. Thx for sharing.

  2. Your photoshoot and inspiration is amazing! I’m blown away. And not to mention a cute set of outfits.

  3. Love it! One of my favorite books as a kid, and you have captured the wonder. šŸ˜€

  4. Maybe I missed it, but is your dress pattern available somewhere? I love it! (And I really need to get my hands on that book too šŸ™‚

  5. 5) Korrigan

    Atchison Kansas

    • 6) Korrigan

      Atchison Kansas
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