Bananas about Yellow with GUEST: Deborah from Whipstitch

Okay, we’re kicking off the celebration by inviting a good friend to the party. Remember back in June when I went to this fun place:
And remember that great new sewing book I’ve been telling you about (and then we gave away five of them?):
Yep! It’s Deborah from Whipstitch. And seriously, this lady is always planning a sewing party. She owns, manages, runs, and teaches at her sewing shop Whipstich in Atlanta, GA. And if you live anywhere in the area, you’ve got to check out their events calendar. Just last week they held a fabric design workshop with top name bloggers, like Ellen from The Long Thread.
Whipstitch has put on a craft swap, they’ve got the Sew-A-Thon coming up soon, and don’t forget about their annual Sewing Retreat in the Georgia Mountains. Sounds dreamy.
Okay, but the reason I really love Deborah (well 3 reasons):
1. She’s got wicked amounts of fabric in her online shop (and in Atlanta). I love browsing around.
2. She’s got a talent for clever writing and making me laugh
3. and well, she posts things like this:

Right now, Deborah’s on a blog tour for her new book. And today she’s visiting with us!
So, I asked if she could whip-up a tutorial for us….something I hate to make (but wish someone would show me)…..something yellow….and something that involves her favorite sewing trim… homemade bias tape. A nd voila! Look at these beauties, bias-tape wrapped potholders! That banana is rad.
But first, let’s hear from Deborah. She’s been sewing for years and always has clever insight on the craft.
One of the many things that keeps me coming back to sewing over the years is the tangible nature of it, the fact that when I create something I get to hold it in my hands and keep it forever. I used to perform on stage, and performing can be wildly satisfying but it’s ephemeral and short-lived. With sewing I get to hold my creativity in my hand, I get to see it in my home, I get to wear it out in public. I love the lasting-ness of sewing, and the fact that I can go back and see something I made years and years ago and it’s a snapshot of who I was then and how I made things–and often of how I thought and what was important to me.
Sewing is more than just making stuff, it really does speak to us and allows us to speak to others; and that is seriously meaningful for me. When I was writing Stitch by Stitch, I was thinking about all those things, and really wanted them to come across through the book projects and techniques. Sewing is something you do but it’s also this amazing, cool, tangible, active way to learn more about who you are. And sometimes that’s deep and serious and introspective and life-changing. And other times, it’s not.
When Dana wrote and asked me if I’d do a bias tape project, and make it a pot holder tutorial, and join in the yellow frenzy over here, I loved the idea instantly. And that’s because (1) I’m a total freak for anything involving bias tape; (2) I adore sewing projects that are both pretty and practical, and that I can use every day to brighten my chores; and (3) if it’s sitting still, I’m likely to make it Whipstitch yellow. All these are parts of me, and none of them has to be tearfully serious, but I get to see those facets of myself in my sewing, and it’s awesome. And a lot cheaper than therapy. Maybe that’s what Stitch by Stitch is really about: sewing machine therapy. I can be down with that.

I told you she was clever with words. Thank you Deborah. I love hearing what inspires each of us to keep clanking away at the machine, while our husband sits on the couch watching football.

Okay, you can find the complete Potholder Tutorial HERE on Whipstitch!
p.s. I’m so happy you’ve been adding your yellow projects to the Celebrate YELLOW flickr group. I may have to do more than one round-up post. Keep em coming!

  1. 1) Cindy Lam

    I think you are the best teacher out there. I had watched you on a show when you did collars. I even tracked down that tape and paid to own it. I just saw that videmo you put out about the quilting. I live in California where it is hot and can’t use the thousands of quilts I already have. If I had a wish, i’d wish for you to build up your own website that had individual lessons just like the collars one. Just like we use to watch Nancy Ziemann on television, you could have special quests too.

    Again, thank you for teaching me about collars.
    Mrs. Lam💕

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