I (heart) school, and everything in between


I don’t even know where to start with this post.
Other than to say: I LOVE SCHOOL!
((With all the exclamation points!!))

I mean, do you ever drop your kids off in the morning and wish you could stay there and be a kid again?


A kid with so many adventures ahead, and so many less cares in the world?

… Besides learning about math, and science, and how the Universe works, and how to write a paper, and how to get along with others….

and how to do a push up or two.

There are many mornings that I want to plop down (in a chair too small for my butt) and work on art projects all day with those kids.  Yes!

Of course being a kid again means I’d have to relive all the awkward years, and that time I said the wrong thing in class, and the silly crushes I had on boys, and that day the bird pooped on my jacket and I had no idea… for 3 hours.  But those are the moments that make us stronger, right?

And I’m so thankful every day that my kids get to go to a great school, with fantastic teachers who really love what they do.

And when I think back to my own school days, I can think of at least four teachers who were super influential with my learning and have helped me become who I am today.
And no, none of them taught me where to get the best Cherry Limeade in town (which is at SONIC Drive-In AKA my favorite place to get drinks because there are about a thousand different choices. The local SONIC workers know me as “half Diet-Coke, half Dr. Pepper” because that’s my favorite mix!)


But SONIC Drive-In asked me to share about teachers that have impacted my life, and the teachers that impact my kids today. SONIC has supported local teachers in communities across the country through Limeades for Learning in partnership with DonorsChoose.org.  And this month, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Month, SONIC is launching the #ThanksTeach campaign and for every ReTweet, share, or use of the hashtag #ThanksTeach, SONIC will make a donation to local teachers, up to $1 million this month.  This money is donated to teachers to help pay for all the out-of-pocket stuff that they do on their own, to make their classroom projects happen.

Limeades for Learning with Sonic on MADE Everyday with Dana

I think about that all the time, about how much money and energy each teacher puts into their class, simply for the love of the kids.

I wish I had some old pics with all my favorite teachers, but this little gem from the first day of 6th grade will give you a visual of me walking across campus with the tall hair… and bird stuff on my jacket (I’m the short one on the right, with the black Forenza sweater vest).

When I think back on my own teachers, here’s what stands out:

• Mrs. Castillo, 4th grade.
Every year she organized a school musical where all the grades got to participate. She and the music teacher created arrangements on the synthesizer (it was the 80s), and she had costumes sewn for all the kids! In all the classes! I’m pretty sure her entire paycheck went toward new fabric for costumes each year.

• Mr. Eddy, 8th grade Algebra
Mr. Eddy loved math, and he wanted us to love math. He gave us a funny look on his face if he noticed we were making an error on a test, so we would go back and double check our work. He even gave us his home number to call if we needed help on a homework problem. “Bob’s your uncle!” he would say every time you figured out a problem.  Mr. Eddy was one of the best.

And 1 month before Owen was born (which explains my puffy face. Holy cow bad picture) I got to see Mr. Eddy for the 20 year school anniversary.  He looks exactly the same.


• Mr. Spurgeon, 8th grade Communications
Back before every kid had a camera on their phone, Mr. Spurgeon (who looked liked he went surfing every morning) organized a news show for our little campus.  We shot video on clunky cameras, we documented the dances and jog-a-thons, and created background sets for our show.  I have to believe that this class inspired my future film career path.

(Here’s an old photo from the yearbook. I’m not sure what I’m doing in the middle there, but I’m glad not much has changed with my love for pink coral clothing)…


And here I am with Mr. Spurgeon and some friends at the anniversary get-together.
Mr. Surfer.


• Mrs.Chamberlain, 12th grade English.
To be honest, I don’t remember much about Mrs. Chamberlain.  But she was pivotal in my love for writing.  She taught me how to craft a paper, with an opening thesis statement, an opening paragraph, and then well thought out paragraphs to support the thesis. And then she flipped that all around and taught us to think outside of the box with creative writing. I was humbled and surprised when she nominated me for a writing award that year. Seeing what she saw in me, gave me confidence to become the writer I am today.

Oh I could go on and on.
And I know you guys can do the same.
We all have teachers that we love.


I’m getting choked up just writing about it all.

And when I look at my kids’ current school, I just want to say #ThanksTeach to all of them!

Like Agnes, the art teacher.


She puts on an art club twice a week, which my kids are lucky to attend.  She taught the third graders to draw self portraits.


And guys: this paper quilt???
She taught the 4th grade classes about Adinkra cloth from Africa, and they each hand-stamped a section to make this giant piece of art.



And yes, I realize this is becoming a journal entry.
I should have titled it “Ode to teachers”
But really, how great are they?!

I’ll end with one of my favorite moments from this school year.  The fourth grade teachers organized a wax museum, where each child researched an important person from Texas history, wrote a short speech, and came up with a costume to go along.  

Here’s Lucy as the artist Elizabet Ney.  And a sweet looking Buddy Holly:


These teachers put so much work into the event.  And to top it off, they asked the county if we could have an extra showing of the museum at the county courthouse.  It was awesome!  All these cool costumes in this cool location; it was magical!
I mean, look at this dress!
 Can you handle??

The moment that made me teary eyed was watching these kids huddle around their teacher with hugs, right after they all sang Deep in the Heart of Texas together.

I’m cataloguing that in my brain among my “favorite Texas moments”.

I could go on and on.  But I think I’ve rambled enough.
#ThanksTeach for all the amazing things you guys do inside the classroom and at home, and on the weekends, and over the summers for our kids.  And thank you to all the teachers everywhere, for making the world a better place!

If you want to learn more about the Limeades for Learning program with SONIC Drive-In, check out the official site here.  And during the month of May, tag your photos with #ThanksTeach to instagram and other social media.  SONIC will donate up to a total of $1 million dollars this month for all the tags, to help fund public school teachers across the country.

And I’ll drink to that!

Check out the latest Hatch Kids video, sharing their #ThanksTeach moments.

Who was your most memorable teacher? Tell me about them in the comments and you will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!
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  1. 1) Michelly

    Guess who my favorite teacher is? My mom! (I’m homeschooled)

  2. 2) Lauralee

    I have always loved all of teachers. They each gave part of themselves through their passion for their subject. Mrs. Ramsey taught me the joys of history and learning on my own. Mrs. Tolley taught me that wonderful five-paragraph essay. Dr. Lyday-Lee gave me a love for the English language through grammar and diagramming. Each of these women gave me academic lessons, but they also helped me grow and become who I am today through their kindness and warmth. Like Mrs. Mayfield, who was young and beautiful, and she had long hair just like mine. I remember her braiding my hair. Mrs. Quist was there when my parents were divorcing. She protected me. #ThanksTeach

  3. 3) Spencer Kellis

    Mrs. Castillo was definitely a great teacher, and I liked Jefferson in general. My music teachers there, Mr. Peffers and Mr. Engard, were especially important.

    Here are pictures from our Jefferson yearbook, 1986-1987 (5th grade):

  4. 4) Aubrey

    My favorite teacher? Oh, that’s a tough one. I had SO many amazing teachers. I think I’d have to say that of all my high school teachers, Dr. Gilmore was my favorite. I had her every year (some years for 2 classes!), and she was so kind and knowledgeable. I admired her then and still do. I learned so much from her — textbook and otherwise. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. 5) Rachel

    I would have to say my favorite teacher is Mr. Pond, my husband! He’s a first grade teacher on Fort Hood. When he got his first teaching position he wasn’t sure he’d like the younger grades, but he loves it and is so good at what he does. He actually decided to go in to teaching, because of his first grade teacher Mr. Seipel that ended up becoming somewhat of a mentor to him throughout his life. He even came to our wedding reception.

  6. 6) Tiffany

    My favorite teacher was a professor in college, Dr. Wandke! He shared my love of quotes and really broadened my love and understanding of literature. Thanks for promoting Sonic’s Limeades for Learning and Donor’s Choose. Before I had kids, I was a teacher and Sonic and the donors of Donor’s Choose funded my grants and it was amazing and so touching to have help getting supplies for my classroom.

  7. 7) ladylyn

    Well, I was homeschooled. So my mom is my favorite teacher by default, but she truly managed to ignite a life-long love for learning in me which made school fun and is serving me well now that I’m an adult.

  8. 8) Tina

    Well, most likely, my most influential teacher was my elementary school teacher, Herr Bender.
    In Germany, the teachers move up with their students, so he was my teacher from Kindergarten through 4th grade.
    He was a great teacher, and we did so many great things – and we went on a sleepover field trip every single school year (for a week). Starting in Kindergarten!
    When I started studying, I went back to him and did my first internship in his class. And went on a overnight field trip with the class. It was a wonderful experience.
    I think he’s one of the reasons I became a teacher myself. Because he was an example about what a teacher should be.


  9. 9) Tina c.

    I really had a lot of favorite teachers. I loved my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Morris, and my 3rd Grade teacher Ms. C. stands out as being amazing. My Latin teacher in high school was a fantastic teacher. I still remember random Latin phrases or stories he told us.

  10. 10) Stacey

    Oh, my fabulous 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Waller. She did so much to encourage us and I absolutely loved her for it and still do!

  11. 11) bdaiss

    I’ve had many wonderful teachers over the years. A few of my favorites, one from each school: Mrs. Erickson (who I’m still in contact with over FB), Mr. Posmer (who refused to give extra credit and put up with my exams including two proofs for almost every problem in geometry), Dr. Mihelcic (who encouraged my thinking beyond the traditional career path and inspired my love of sustainable design).

    • 12) Dana

      That’s so awesome! I love that you’re still in contact with some of them over FB. I should look up some of my old teachers too.

  12. 13) Erin Gustafson

    Bootsie Anderson, 10th grade Social Studies. She’s the reason I because a Social Studies teacher myself!

  13. 15) Mami2jcn


  14. 16) Connie

    I had two favorite teachers: in high school….Ms West and Ms Brun. Taught me to believe in myself and and I loved going to school just to be around them.

  15. 17) Elena

    My favorite is my first grade teacher. She was very nice

  16. 19) Betsy H

    I had a litany of awesome teachers. Mrs. G who took time out of her day to teach me PHONICS in kindergarten when it wasn’t part of the curriculum. Mrs Purdy who told me that it was OK to do math on my fingers if it got me to the right answer (I *still* do math on my fingers… and I was an engineer!). Miss Case who not only got me through some tough stuff in 2nd grade, but was also a constant at school. I wanted her to be my Aunt :-P. In HS, Ms Goginski helped me follow art my own way. Cliffy encouraged me and was so disappointed when I *didn’t* go into art (she’d be proud now though! – self published art book and everything!). Top and Getch – quite the pair – that gave me the confidence that I really could do ANYTHING – I still miss Top. Mr Eckstein the choral director who cared SO deeply about SO many people… and *noticed* when I stopped doing chorus. I thought I was “just another face” but he actually sent students out to get me when I didn’t show up as a “lunchie”. And then there was Mr Powers… the man who came to my wedding! He was pivotal in how my adult life came together – he’s why I went to college where I did… so he’s why I met my hubs…. so he HAD to come! He cared, he protected me, he encouraged me to take risks, he was there for life experiences that shaped who I am today both professionally and personally.

    Teachers are more than just people who explain the things we find in books. They walk with you on your path. You may walk with them for a short time, or a long time, but they’re with you, guiding you to be your best. And I love and thank all the teachers that walked with me. #thanksteach

  17. 20) LaTanya

    my high school math teacher because she was patient with me and took the time to try an approach that really helped me understand

  18. 22) heather

    Mrs. Kerri Thompson!! I had her for several years in high school. She was the most amazing person I had ever met and I just couldn’t believe that there was an adult who was so open and accepting of everything. She encouraged us to be our own person, to explore, and most important, that it is ok to think differently. I was so comfortable with her. I knew I could always go to her for anything. She was always there to help with work or listen if you had something you needed to talk about. I just loved her so much. Some of my best projects and learning experiences were with her. I gained so much confidence. Her husband, Mr. Max Thompson, was our school’s Vice Principal and he was just as wonderful as she was. They were the ultimate pair of incredible teachers!!

  19. 23) Julie Wood

    I went to a Catholic school when I was growing up, and my 4th grade teacher Sister Catherine was my favorite teacher because she was so positive and helped me with my school work and taught me so much! She was such an inspiration to me!

  20. 24) Julie Wood


  21. 25) Kelly D

    My high school math teacher Mrs. M was the most memorable to me. She really helped me understand difficult math concepts and she worked as a tutor as well.

  22. 27) Kate

    My fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Hassel was the best. She had no shame and would do crazy things to incentivize us to learn. We earned play money for various tasks and she would hold auctions that included things like the right to do her hair and makeup one morning. That was such a fun year!

  23. 28) gilda

    Hi Dana. Just wanted to say thanks for your comments about teachers. My daughter teaches in Flower Mound, TX and my daughter in law teaches in Frisco, TX. They are both wonderful teachers and love what they do. I am so proud of them both. Thanks again. Enjoyed your post.

  24. 29) Megan Olhasque

    What a wonderful post! You’ve brought back some fond memories indeed, not the least of which is the bird poop incident of 1990, which occurred on South Padre Island. Man is that stuff hard to get off once it’s dry….

  25. 30) JoAnne T?

    My favorite teacher was Yvonne Brusseau. She taught fifth grade. She read novels to us every day and, though I was already a very good reader, she taught me to really love it. I don’t know how she did it but she managed to get us excited to use our imaginations. She let us come into the classroom at lunch time to plan impromptu plays to perform for our classmates. Now, fifty-seven years later, I still “thank” her nearly every day. She is the reason I became a teacher. God bless you, Miss Brusseau.

    Thank you, Dana, for all that you teach us! You are a wonderful teacher and you have very many grateful students, of all ages. You can imagine what a crowd of hugs for our teacher Dana would look like!

  26. 31) DeAnn Payne

    In 1st grade there was a teachers aide who helped me learn how to carry in adding. I so didn’t understand it and she spent so much one on one time with me until it finally clicked, I still remember that light bulb moment! So grateful that someone was willing to take the time to do that for me <3

  27. 32) Jessica To

    My most memorable teacher was my son’s first grade teacher because it was amazing to see her teach my son to read.

  28. 33) Natalie

    My most memorable teacher was my 6th grade teacher Mrs. Sparks. I had health problems in middle school and she was one of the first people to notice. She even visited me in the hospital! She truly cared about me as a person.

  29. 35) craftygramma

    I had so many great teachers all through school: they taught me to love History, Science, Reading, Writing, Journalism and French. I loved learning from them and then applying that to life and college. I am an ESL certified, K-8 educator and just did an interview with a HS senior who wants to teach!
    I must agree, however, that YOU, Dana have been inspirational in my craft learning in recent years!

  30. 36) Cat Kotaka

    I have many favorites, but a stand out is Mrs. Shreve. She taught me to love books. She made stories come alive with her facial expressions, different voices, and physical actions. I’m now an elementary librarian, and I think she had something to do with that!

  31. 37) Mikea

    i cant pick just 1 teacher. Ms. Kennedy, mr. Frushour, and Mrs. Jamison. There were many more but sadly, i cant remember names.

  32. 38) Elizabeth J.

    I loved my jr. high choir teacher! Choir was my life in jr. high and high school and my choir teachers were all wonderful mentors and great teachers for me!

  33. 40) Jessie C.

    My high school science teacher was my most memorable teacher. She had this ability to make connections and excited students to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of science.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  34. 41) Jessie C.


  35. 42) Julie C

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Rhinard –6th grade social studies. Not only did he made the subject fun and easy to learn, he was willing to help out with other subjects. One day the class got done with our work and he stated that we could work on any homework that we had for that night (we had English). Everyone in the class was having a hard time with the English assignment and he took the time to go over the lesson with the class and you could just see the kids understanding the lesson with the way he taught it. It also helped that he was a young and good looking !! To this day (I had him back in the early 80’s) he is still looking good !! #Thanks Teach

  36. 43) Samantha

    My most influential teacher was my high school art teacher Mr. Terry. He got me involved in the theater in high school which I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. I loved physically building and painting sets! I enjoyed it so much I continued creating large scale projects while getting my bachelors for fine art!

  37. 44) Rebekah

    My favorite teacher was my math teacher, Ms. Young. She was always full of energy and very encouraging. She often agreed with us when we complained how hard the subject was, and some days she was just as tired as us (those long winter months) so we shut our notebooks and played games like “24” and “set”. I own both today 🙂

  38. 45) Tori Sutton

    Mr. Doug Hendricks, who (among other achievements) somehow made our ‘Vocabulary, Spelling, and Grammar’ class really hard and yet fun, cool, and special – he used songs, made us listen for vocab words while he announced the high school football games, gave crazy tests that included making us find words and definitions in swirling handwritten print and various other odd formats, inspired us to constantly improve, and made us proud to communicate well and properly. “Grammar is a means to an end, and that end is improved communication!”

  39. 46) lAURA F.

    Mrs. Arras, my first grade teacher, is the reason I wanted to be a teacher. I remember the moment in class where all the words on the page made sense, how free I suddenly felt when I could fluently read whatever I wanted (back in the stone age when reading wasn’t the norm in kindergarten). Class was filled with creative projects, plays, and energy. There was never a day where she didn’t want to be there (at least as far as I could tell).

    While I don’t teach first grade (as I don’t have the patience) those traits she modeled are always in the back of my mind as I plan for and teach my high schoolers!

  40. 47) HEATHER

    My most memorable teacher was my high school English teacher she was so wonderful and helped me so much.

  41. 48) Kathy e.

    My most memorable teacher was Miss Doser. She was my 1st grade teacher and was beautiful in my eyes! I was extremely shy and young for 1st grade. Miss Doser welcomed me with open arms and assured me that every day would be fun and that I would make new friends, not to mention that I’d be able to go home to my mom in the afternoon! What really amazed me about her is that she taught me to read! I truly thought she was a magician because one day I had no idea how to put words together and the next day I was reading whole pages! She put such a sparkle in my eye that I dreamed of becoming a teacher myself….and I did! I can only hope that I inspired other students in the way Miss Doser inspired me.

  42. 49) Cara

    My daughter ( who is a senior this year!) had the best 4th grade teacher ever. She loved those kids and it was the first year that my daughter actually loved school. She is dyslexic and struggled and Mrs.. Chavez made that ok. After that year she has sent her students a birthday card on their birthday every year! So amazing. And last year when she heard about my daughters outpatient surgery she sent a get well card and treats! she had a fourth grade class reunion before their senior year started and she has been a big support through some very tough times with my daughter. She texts her and took her out to breakfast after she got out of the hospital for attempting suicide. It is so wonderful to have other adults that care and are another voice telling them they are ok in an ever growing chorus of people telling them they aren’t good enough. It is priceless.

  43. 51) Madeline

    My 8th grade teacher was so supportive. I was incredibly shy but she picked me for a lead part in a play and coached me to speak louder and with more animation. She also got the principal to speak with me and convince me to do a speech in front of the entire school. I definitely wouldn’t have volunteered to do these things on my own.

  44. 52) Kristen

    I’ll never forget my high school World Studies teacher. He challenged me like no other teacher ever….he said he was preparing us for college, which would not be like high school and he was right! The students who were getting an A is his class had to complete a difficult extra project (that the rest of the class did not have to do) just to keep their A! (and yes, I did it!)

  45. 54) Amanda

    My most memorable teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Feller. She helped me so much with the way I learned math and was also the gifted and talented teacher after school. I enjoyed hearing her stories and she challenged me to do my best.

  46. 55) Margaret Smith

    My favorite was Mr. Kelly. He was a English teach and really made class fun. I believe it’s because of him that I love to read so much.

    Thanks so much.

  47. 57) Amy Tong

    My most memorable teacher was from 6th grade. so kind and loving and made me feel important.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  48. 59) Lisa Brown

    My most memorable teacher was my third-grade teacher that was so helpful to me in improving my reading and spelling.

  49. 60) Lisa Brown


  50. 61) Cynthia C

    One of my many excellent teachers was my eight grade English teacher. I really learned to love literature in her class.

  51. 62) Lana

    I had so many wonderful teachers- Mrs Visser, Mrs Straub, Mrs H, Mrs Burtness and Mr Woodward. My fifth grade teacher, in particular, stands out because she noticed when I wasn’t doing well and asked me about it. I remember feeling noticed and her care for me bolstered me during a rough time at home. I don’t think I ever told her what was wrong, but it meant a lot that she sought me out to ask if I was ok.

  52. 63) Elle

    My favorite teacher is probably my high school English teacher who I had for 9th and then 11th grade. You could tell she really cared about the material and her students and put in the extra effort.

  53. 65) Tina M

    my high school teacher helped me a lot. she was the reason I went to college.

  54. 67) Carolsue

    My most memorable teacher was my 10th grade English teacher. I keep in touch with her to this day.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  55. 69) charlotte m.

    I think Mrs. Gage is the teacher I remember most from 8th grad English. She drilled grammar into us and I loved it. She was tough, but fair and made teaching look like fun. I also loved my 7th grade Home Ec teacher Mrs. Terrill. She taught me to love all the domestic arts. I love cooking and sewing because of her.

  56. 70) Erin Evans

    The teacher who had the most impact on me was my 6-8th grade shop teacher, Mr. O’Brien a.k.a DAD! yes that is right I had my own dad for a shop teacher. He taught me many things like how to use a jig saw, sand wood (patience), use leather stamps, use of basic hand tools and many more useful skills. What a treat it was to have my dad as a teacher during middle school. Oh, and I was the only person who got to call him “Dad” during class.

  57. 71) Will G

    My most memorable teacher was one of my computer programming teachers that literally yelled at me and told me to try… Gave him a lot of props for encouraging me to put forth effort!

  58. 73) Anne

    When I was in second grade, I was lucky enough to be in Sister John Marion’s class. She recognized that kids don’t all learn at the same pace, so to keep us from getting bored, she allowed us to keep a book in our desks, and if we finished a lesson before everyone else, we could take out our book and read, instead of just sitting there getting frustrated. In that way, she encouraged my lifetime love of reading.

  59. 75) Thuy Vu

    My best loved teacher was mrs Cartwright. she helped me with being a good writer.

  60. 77) Rachel

    My most memorable teacher was the one who helped me learn how to tie my shoes.

  61. 79) Dee

    My most memorable teacher was my third grade teacher Mrs. Leffler who was beyond patient with me when it came to multiplication and long division and stayed after school many times to guide me through problem sets.

  62. 81) Susan Smith

    My 11th grade Geometry teacher really influenced me as he helped me to understand geometry and I did well in his class thanks to his teaching style.

  63. 83) Anastasia Falling

    I’ve had so many wonderful & memorable teachers 🙂 My fifth grade teacher was one because he was always very nice to me and he loved to show us movies about space (my favorite!) 🙂

  64. 84) Stephanie Phelps

    My favorite teacher is Miss Ball. She was always so kind and really cared about how you were doing not only in her class but others as well!

  65. 87) OFG

    My high school English teacher published a poem of mine in the local newspaper. I was so proud to see my words in print. It inspired me to read and write more than ever.

  66. 88) Junglewife

    I feel privileged to have had many wonderful teachers. One that stands out, though, is my high school English teacher. He truly cared about his students. He pushed me to do my very best, even though barely making an effort would have still gotten me an A. He gave such great comments on papers, always thoughtful and making sure to leave as many positive comments as negative ones (things that needed to be changed, etc). We still keep in touch and I am still so appreciative of him.

  67. 89) ann

    My psychology teacher was amazing! She was so encouraging and motivating and was such an incredible life force.

  68. 91) Jeffrey

    One on my most memorable teachers was the shop teacher. I not only learned a lot about building things but life in general. He was a very caring and helpful individual.

  69. 93) Kerry

    My french teacher in high school – I had her for 4 years straight, so I really got to know her.

  70. 94) Linda

    Mr. Schwalter, my 10th grade science teacher, he made learning fun!

  71. 96) Susan Christy

    All of my grade school teachers were awesome – they all encouraged me to read. That’s one of my favorite things to do but I think if it wasn’t for them I would not be the reader that I am.

  72. 97) Rebecca

    My mother taught us at home. I appreciate her taking the time to give us a good education, and all of the hard work that went into it.

  73. 99) sandra

    my awesome high school science teacher

  74. 101) Amanda Sakovitz

    my fifth grade teacher was the most memorable

  75. 103) maria cantu

    My eight grade science teacher, Ms. Covey, she made science interesting for me.

  76. 104) donna

    My english teacher because she inspired me to write and taught me how powerful my voice is.

  77. 106) Natalie J Vandenberghe

    My college Math teacher, Jack White, taught me the importance of being punctual. I’m forever grateful 😉

  78. 108) Rebecca Graham

    My business teacher in high school was my most memorable teacher. Even though the equipment we learned on has been obsolete for a while, he taught me a lot about life.

  79. 110) Sarah L

    My math teacher in 10th grade helped me understand how fun and interesting math could be. I went on to get a math scholarship to college.
    Thanks for the contest.

  80. 112) Janice Cooper

    My 11th grade Trigonometry teacher. She went the extra mile to help me thru this tough class. She knew I was dating my hubby which he was then my boyfriend and ask him to help tutor me. He was a math pro.

  81. 114) Ellie Wright

    My high school English teacher inspired me and strengthened my love of the written word.

  82. 116) Bert Ruiz

    My most memorable teacher was my High School Math Teacher who taught me Number Sense . Thank you for the opportunity to win

  83. 118) Betty C

    All of my teachers contributed so much to my love of learning. I’ve often taken classes just because they sound interesting, from Business Law, Marketing and Real Estate to Psychology and Statistics. Mrs. Engle. my high school French teacher, contributed greatly to my love of languages.

  84. 119) Thomas Murphy

    My most memorable teacher was my 9th grade teacher.

  85. 121) julie

    My Spanish teacher. She made learning another language such a pleasure and inspired me to become a teacher myself. Her patience and dedication to making sure that we understood the material is something that I hope I’m able to do with my students.

  86. 124) Kathryn C

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    I had a favorite fun foreign language (Spanish) teacher in middle school. She would play music and cartoons in spanish which really helped me learn better

  87. 126) Shawn Gallagher

    Miss Gates she was more than a teacher to me

  88. 128) Faith J.

    My high school English teacher was more like a friend than a teacher sometimes

  89. 129) Angel Jacklyn

    Miss Wilson… she was always so kind!

  90. 131) Maggie Smith

    My 4th grade teacher, Mrs Bowsher

  91. 133) angie

    My most memorable teacher would be my typing teacher, Mrs. Lilly. Why? Well, she not only taught me a skill that I use just about every day, she also introduced me to her son, who is my husband. 😀

  92. 135) Tabathia B

    My 9th grade social studies teacher who inspired my love of history and my 12th grade english teacher whose critique of my paper inspired my love of writing

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  93. 137) Erica Best

    my high school sewing teacher

  94. 139) Jerry Marquardt

    My earth science and driver’s education teacher in high school was most memorable in that he showed me that education and caring about others is so important.

  95. 140) Barbara M

    My favorite teacher was in 12th grade.
    With her encouragement I decided to go to college.
    And I’m so glad that I did!
    thank you

  96. 142) amanda whitley

    my most memorable teacher was my 8th grade english teacher for many reasons. she loved her students and even 10 years after when my sister was in her class she remembered me and asked my sister how i was.

  97. 143) marie

    My favorite teacher was my computer science teacher. He really made me feel like learning was fun and actually made me want to come to class and seek out new information. He encouraged us to push ourselves and taught us so many life lessons without even meaning to.

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