Floppy Fabric Bows

How to make Hair Bows on MADE EverydayAhhh! This might be one of my favorite video intros to-date!
The dancing bows!  The music! You’re gonna love it.

Just come see what we’re making in the latest episode of MADE Everyday:

How to make Fabric Bows on MADE EverydayI’ll share all sorts of tips for working with silky fabrics, to give your bows that good “flop” factor.  Cause that’s really what makes them so cute.
Then stick one in your hair, on your shirt, on a purse!
There are so many options.

How to make Bows for your hair or bag or clothes on MADE Everyday

baby lock

Just hit the play button below and enjoy…. Or if it isn’t showing, you can WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.

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  1. 1) Melissa

    You nailed it- working with slippery fabrics is JUST like having kids! Haha. Adorable project.

  2. 2) Erin

    Adorable bows! Where did you get that pineapple fabric?

  3. 3) Deresa

    Awesome video. It does make me reminisce my adolescence. I noticed while you stitched on your Babylock that you used the start button. Do you use your pedal when working with larger projects, or is it easier to use the start function? I’ve been nervous about actually using mine for regular sewing because I learned on a Brother with the foot pedal and haven’t ventured out of my comfort zone. Lol

  4. 4) Bonnie Wiscombe

    This was my favorite video to date! Love how you talk to your audience like we’re your friends (cause we wish we were – in a non-internet-stalkerish sort of way. haha!) My 4 year old watched with me and is now insisting we go make all the bows 🙂

  5. 5) Nancy Bailey

    Your girls are getting so big! They are adorable.

    • 6) amanda rodriguez

      they really are i love all you videos and
      tried them all my self

  6. 7) Stacey

    I love the intro and close of the video! So beautiful and fun with your cute girls and all the bows and balloons! Love the 80’s throwback. And here’s another —- how about selling suckers?! Did you get in on that game?

  7. 8) Jayne

    I love the pineapple fabric!!! Where did you get it?

  8. 9) miss Scotty

    I love all of your video Dana. You did a great job this time as well.

    Regard Katie

  9. 10) sara

    Ha! Just like having kids! 🙂 thanks for the great videos

  10. 11) Audrey

    Thanks for all your great videos. Could you please tell us how to actually attach the bow to the clothe? I know it seems like a stupid question, but it is always where I struggle. I don’t know if I should sew only the middle of the bow, it is pull the garments fabric if I wash it etc… How to sew it properly and just make it look great? 🙂

  11. 12) Noreen Ann

    When you put the smaller piece around the box, could you sew in on with the seam side out, then once you stitched the center of the bow together, you could twist it around so that that seem in on the inside of the center. Then you wouldn’t see the seam. Do you think you have enough space to do that?

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