I bought a new chair…(and other house projects)

I never buy new furniture (except for our couches).
I never spend $180 on a chair just because it’s “cute”.
I always have that thrifty angel on my shoulder telling me, “you can totally make that…for way less.“….though sometimes it sounds much easier just to buy it.

Last week I walked into Pier 1 for 5 minutes. I was looking for summer clearance but instead saw this blue floral chair in the front window. I immediately loved it but walked out responsibly. Then I thought about it for 3 days. And went back and bought it. And here it is!……under a blanket.
(sorry for the suspense).
Here’s the deal.
I have a very patient husband.
But he has limits (and I promise I’ll get to the point of the story soon).

Like many of you there are at least 6 sewing and home improvement projects going on at our house at a given time. When we got home from Christmas travels, I was on the hunt for an old china cabinet I could refurbish. I found one for $100 at the thrift store. And it’s been sitting in our garage ever since…untouched. Artwork for the front room? Half-finished and stored in the laundry room. The list goes on.

My patient husband just smiles and pulls the truck around when I need a furniture lift but yes, he has a breaking point. And when I found a cool bunk bed set the other day at the Thrift store, he reminded me of the other projects we should probably finish first.

He’s right.
So I’ve started tackling.
And I’ve made a deal with myself–a motivator.
I can’t enjoy the new chair till the china cabinet is finished and in our front room. Until then, it sits under a blanket in our bedroom. No one gets to look at it.

So here’s the old cabinet. I removed the hardware, buffed it up a bit, and I’m 2/3 done with the painting!
Here’s a sneak peek:
The sewing room make-over many of you have asked about?
Almost done!
I’m adding finishing touches, some more shelves, more organizing. But I promise to share it soon. Here’s another peek:
How about some finished projects?
Left: We’ve been painting all our doors and doorways Ultra Pure White to match the rest of our moldings. Most unfulfilling project ever. It’s not like showing someone a bright yellow chair. But it really looks nice in the house.
Middle: I finished some cool artwork for our kitchen. It’s actually been done for 6 months but I need to get the tutorial together to show you!
Right: We also finished our kitchen backsplash and it was easier than I thought. Another “need to get that together to share” post.
And just for fun, how cute is this tray from Ikea? I’ve walked by it 3 times and finally bought it. It might hang out in the sewing room.
Projects are in the works!
I promise to show you my chair, when it has a pretty cabinet next to it.
And since we’re on the topic of home improvement…
the finale of Design Star last night? I loved the outcome!

  1. 1) Betty

    Hi I am in Maitland Australia, I want the tray of birds,may have to go to Sydney to IKEA and search, bound to get carried away though,too tempting. It’s my Daughter in laws fav shop,maybe we could go together. I love the blue artwork with white tree trunk,I will have to try out my stencilling skills and create something for myself! thanks for the inspiring ideas, hugs Bet

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