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I’m still laughing (and shaking my head in awe) at the Missoni for Target incident yesterday. I mean wow. Not that a company wants their site to crash…but to think that people are so excited about a new designer-line of products that they’re clogging the website, lining up hours before a store opens, and yanking everything off shelves.
It’s every marketers dream!
If you didn’t catch the craze yesterday at Target (which I didn’t, but I went over today just to see what was left)…Target released a new line of clothing and home decor products by renown Italian designer Missoni. They’ve done this in the past with Isaac Mizrahi, Liberty of London, etc. But never has there been so much hype over a product release. People went nuts over it! And it actually crashed the whole Target site for an entire day. There’s a good video clip about it on Today.

Were you part of the crashing?

I stopped by today and this is what I saw:
A bunch of empty shelves with one poor hat sitting on the ground. I picked it up so it would feel better.
And then I actually found another rack where they had consolidated the leftover goods. Phew. The people of Austin weren’t too crazy I guess.
Now to be honest…..
I think the look is cool and it’s nice to see another spin on the basic chevrons we’ve been saturated with all year (afterall, Missoni was the originator of “chevron in fashion”, right? Back in the 70s?). But–and please don’t tar and feather me here–I’m not overwhelmingly wowed. I do like these three items below. In fact I really want that throw blanket for our couch (all items here).
But part of me feels a bit of “the emperor’s new clothes” here. If people didn’t know it was by a famous designer would they be clamoring over it? Or would the products simply be another “cute” line by Target….cause we know they have a lot of that. It’s dangerous to step in the store thinking, “I’m just going to get milk”. You know you’ll always come out with a cute lamp, shoes, or something you didn’t know you needed.

Maybe I’m out in left-field here.
You can stone me.

But, not so fast.
I drank a little koolaid too.
I couldn’t pass on these cute bins:

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