crazy heart pants

After making the little jumper, I thought Lucy’s wardrobe could use more brown. The color is so cute on girls. And really….I just want it to be Fall (I’ve been pinning my autumn dreams all week). Maybe a brown corduroy print will get me in the mood! Maybe this fabric I bought 2 years ago at Joanns:
I’ve been saving it for…something. Heart pad pants?

Using the Knee Pad Pants tutorial, I cut out hearts for the knee pads instead of ovals.

I used a double-layer of knit scraps again, pinned the hearts over the knees, and sewed them in place.
Crazy heart-pad pants!
I asked Lucy if we could take pics of her in the pants and she said:
Well mom, is it going to be cold when I wear them?
Then we need snowflakes in the picture! (our little photo shoot organizer)
So I pulled out the Super Snowflakes and we decorated.
She totally approved.
I paired her $5 pants with other items and came up with a whole fall look:
And I’m sort of amazed at how well the fabric print matches up at the legs…which is totally a pleasant surprise–I’m not that good.
We just need some Autumn weather and we’re ready to play!
Happy Monday from our hearts to yours.

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