Hello Yellow, Fabric Roundup with GUEST: Luvinthemommyhood

I’m so happy to have one of my favorite people Celebrating Yellow with us today. She’s joined us for Celebrate the Boy and Celebrating Mom, so it really wouldn’t be a party without her.

I’m sure many of you love hanging out in the mommyhood too. But in case you haven’t sat down on the teal park bench and chatted with Shannon, I’ll fill you in on the important stuff…..
Luvinthemommyhood reminds me of the Cheers song, “some times you want to go where everybody knows your name“, because that’s exactly how I feel when visiting her site, like I’m an old friend. Shannon shares stories, photos, and life moments that we can all relate too. Though I’m peeking in on her life, it almost feels like she’s peeking back at me. And her gorgeous kids only reel me in further. I’ll never get over those crystal blue eyes.
Shannon has a way for sharing things that are beautiful and cute. She shows her favorite etsy finds, the stuff she’s been sewing or knitting, her thrifty finds. I think I need these:
And her weekend wishes are my favorite part of Luvinthemommyhood. She finds the most inspiring and pretty pictures to share. I actually feel more relaxed after I’ve scrolled through those posts. And that’s a very good thing.

But what Shannon is known for most of all is her ability to Round-up anything. She is fabulous at it! You give her a theme, and she runs with it. So I gave her a special assignment for yellow. Something we all love (and need?). It’s the…..
Hi everyone, I’m Shannon from the blog luvinthemommyhood! We luv a good roundup in our friendly neighbourhood – in fact I like to round things up once a week. I secretly like to call myself an internet cowgirl, one who sports the sweetest pair of cowgirl boots, who actually manages to find the best dang fit for a pair of jeans, and who always, always, looks fabulous dirty, with no hair or makeup on. Now we all know that’s darn near impossible but a girl can daydream right?

When Dana mentioned to me about coming on to do a roundup of yellow fabrics the first thing that came to mind was “yes, of course I’ll come”..hello??….easy question.
So, hello, yellow…………
nice to meet you, let’s get acquainted. Now, I have to admit I haven’t used a lot of yellow fabrics in my sewing life. I mean, this internet wrangler isn’t scared of a bright, hard to match color – no way! Ok, yes, maybe a little – we all have a teensy bit of anxiety for bright colors right folks? Ok, maybe I’m alone…haha, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one displaying my personality in prints instead of bright colors. What about you? Do you lean towards graphic patterns instead of bright yellows, reds or oranges?

Well fear no more. I went galloping around the blogosphere to source out some fun & wild, demure & soft, crazy & bright and just plain pretty yellow prints to hopefully fit the taste for just about any sewer. Throw some of these into your next project. Brighten up that quilt, add some sunshine to your little girls dress, add some pop to your living room decor, heck, why not make your next purse for fall out of a gorgeous saffron print? Perfect. Yummy. Fabulous. Or as we say around luvinthemommyhood – shantastic!

Go on….don’t be nervous….I’m right here with you, in fact I think I have some spare pairs of cowgirl boots kicking around that have your name written all over em’. Let’s go round up our machines ladies! It’s time for “hello, yellow fabric roundup”!

You can find the full roundup here:
hello, yellow! fabric roundup

I hope to see you out there in the wild, yellow west! Thanks for having me Dana, it’s always a pleasure. I’m now addicted to yellow fabric and can’t way to try out your dyed elastic trick. Luv ya girl. Chat with you in the late night blogging hours!
Yes yes yes. I’ll see you at 1am or maybe 2. Thanks for the fabulous round-up Shannon!
You’ll find the complete Fabric Roundup with photos and links HERE on Luvinthemommyhood.

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