Runway Rundown: Episode 10

Well, another title for this episode could have been “the Tear Jerker”. Holy moly. Some touching PR moments….
* I loved watching the designers point out the good in each other and finally say some nice things about Michael C.
* Mondo faced his fears and shared with everyone that he was HIV positive (and also designed a totally amazing outfit. I love Mondo).
* All the designers got to hang out with their families for the day, which actually took some of them out of the game mentally.
* and Valerie’s little “I like you” game/tribute at the end just wrapped it up nicely (not to mention her “aw shucks” snap and kick on the runway when she got kicked off. I liked that).

So it was a great episode as far as feel-good TV. Fits right in with the Lifetime vision!

Each designer got to design their own fabric!! The fabric was to be inspired by a moment or period of time that was deeply personal to each designer. They coupled these fabrics with other fabrics from Mood and created any look they wanted. Oh how I loved this challenge concept. I want to do it! I guess spoonflower is only a click away. Hmm.

When the designers came into the work room, they each had a computer screen displaying photos from their past. Seeing themselves as kids really brought the emotion out of them.
And then….surprise!…in walked their families! (a mom, or their partner, or son, etc. not the whole entire family) And they all lost it, even stoic April. I’m sure it was a nice treat for them to see a familiar face, someone who loves and understands them; a break from the daily grind of constant creative thinking, sewing, and playing the TV show game. But I can definitely see how it could throw you off too. And Andy just couldn’t shake it. He came back to the workroom totally uninterested in the challenge. And sadly, his outfit looked like crap. Honestly, it was a $15 outfit from those basement-level, no-name fashion shops in the mall. It looked soooo cheap. Hideous. But before I get ahead of myself, let’s check out the looks!

Mondo. Dear Mondo! We all love you. Three weeks in a row!! Very impressive sir.
I really loved Mondo’s fabric print. Even without hearing the back story, it was just fun. It was bright, interesting, and the pants fit his model beautifully. He totally deserved the win. The story behind his print was very personal, with the plus-sign representing his HIV positive status. He felt inspired to share that part of his life with everyone and it was touching to see him feel a weight off his shoulders because of it. Now, I don’t think I could pull off that outfit but it’s totally great. Looks stunning on the model.

It was hard to tell who was really in the top on this one since they judges talked to everyone. But these ones had good and bad points.

I actually LOVED these pants by Christopher. I want a pair and I want to wear them to my beach house in Cape Cod, you know, if I had a beach house.
But I have to agree with Nina and the other judges…there wasn’t anything “runway spectacular” about them. Yes, the outfit is beautiful but it looks like something you’d see in a GAP or J.Crew window display. Nothing wrong with that. Just not very “wow!” And that’s what you need on the runway, most of the time. Btw, did you notice the judges “not bringing past work” into their discussion? Whatever! They specifically tried to think of all the things Christopher had made throughout the season, so they could pinpoint what type of designer he is. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. But don’t pretend that you don’t do it. We know the truth!
Aprils’ outfit was interesting. It was a bit messy for me. But I like April. She’s grown on me over the season:
Michael C’s outfit might have been in the bottom? It was hard to tell….
Michael Kors definitely hated it: Unfortunately she’s literally looks like she’s wearing a men’s foulard, old fashioned tie that kind of got belted and then cut off. It makes it look funny, like a joke.
I thought it was fine, it fit her great and I liked the yellow touches :). But I HATED her hair.
Next “in the middle” was Gretchen. It was nice to see her do something sort of different.
Michael Kors: I’m glad you did something that wasn’t “lady of the canyon, flowy moment.”

Toooootally. But I just don’t like how she fits shirts on her model. They’re often gaping at the armhole with too much side boob. Not flattering.
I really liked the fabric print she made. Hers and Mondo’s were probably my favorites. But I agree with the judges that it was wrong for that shirt. The graphics were too large and the placement looked weird on her chest. Bummer.
Okay, these ones were more obvious….

ANDY. What??? I mean, WHAT? This is hideous. I can’t believe he spent the time making this. At some point in the process don’t you realize how much you hate it and just start over? He admitted he wasn’t proud of it. Very odd.
In Nina’s words, “the emotion I get from this print is very sad and the emotion I get from this look is very sad. I’m very disappointed in you.
At least her hair is gorgeous. I’d like those red locks for a week or two.
And Valerie. Yep, we knew she’d be ousted this week.
I actually started rooting for her when she was drafting her pattern and talked about taking more time with her design to make it everything perfect. But, I just don’t think she makes cute stuff.
I did not like her dress and agree with the judges, You took all the life out of the fabric. It’s an odd choice of fabrics. Yes. It feels so bottom heavy and just looks strange.
Tim warned her about that very thing, “You don’t want too many construction details happening. I don’t want it to become like a pu-pu platter of your construction methods.
But yep, we got pu-pu.

And the judges were a little catty with her, pointing out that the dress looked very similar to her dress from the Party Store episode. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with making a similar look again but I guess it should be something really cool. The paper napkin skirt was awesome but this look wasn’t. Sorry Valerie. Loved your cute personality though and sweet words to everyone.

And if we’re looking to the past, just wanted to remember these two looks, also from the Party Store episode. Oh Christopher, can you make more beauties like that napkin dress?! It’s gorgeous. And Mondo, you have and always will be my favorite this season. That pink outfit makes me wish February 14th was rolling around and I had a totally funky party to crash.


*Whenever I hear Tim say the word, dossier, I just smile.
* For a challenge that was all about fabric patterns and prints, I thought someone should have asked Heidi about her own look. What is that weird shirt?
* Yep, I’m in it all the way for Mondo. The guy has a very unique style and design. Not digging the curly mop though.
* Speaking of hair…just when I think Andy’s can’t get any bigger, it does. I kind of like it though.
* How many times is Nina going to put her foot in her mouth? First “she looks like Miss Guatemala” last week. And then this week asking Mondo about his backstory. She was actually really sweet about it all and wasn’t trying to be rude. I just like how they edited and teased us all with her laughing comment, “I wish I knew the back story!”. In general I thought the judges were pretty tame this week.
* It was really fun to see the designers with their families. And seriously April’s mom is like 35. They were too funny together.
And that’s a runway wrap! Did you shed a tear?

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