Questions Answered

Instead of responding in the comments, I thought I’d answer a few of your questions here. Sorry I’ve left these tidbits out of my posts. I’ll be adding them in!

* Where do you buy WIDE elastic? Most fabrics shops carry 2-inch and 3-inch wide Polyester Elastic (well Joann does, not Hobby Lobby). You can buy it online here and here.

* How does elastic hold up to washing? Most items I’ve dyed in the past have done well with repeat washings. But the jury’s still out on the elastic. I don’t forsee any real fading though.

* Do you wash the dyed elastic in a separate load? That first time you wash the elastic after dyeing it, yes, wash it alone in cold or warm water with normal detergent. Next time around you should be fine washing it with like colors.

* What are the dimensions of your adult Circle Skirt?
I typically wear a size 4 or 6 in skirts. Here’s how I made my skirt:
Elastic waistband – 29 inches
Radius – 4.75 inches (appx)
Length – 22 inches (long enough to hit my knees).

* How much fabric did you use? How wide was your fabric?
Depending on your waist size and the length of your skirt you can cut an entire circle using 60-inch wide fabric. My circle pattern just barely made it and took about 1 1/2 yards of fabric (I purchased 2 yards just to be safe).
If you have 45-inch wide fabric, or if your circle is bigger than the fabric, you can cut two semi-circles and have two seams down the sides. You’ll have to do a little math to figure how many yards of fabric you need. Make your pattern first and then work out the math.
I would recommend using fabrics with a pattern to disguise the seams.

* Where did you get that Polka Dot fabric?? Joann Fabrics! I bought it on sale last week for about $4/yard. They have some cute polyester prints right now. I also bought a silky black and white houndstooth last month that I’ve been holding on to. I think a dress is in the works. Mmmmm.

* Will you have a Marilyn Monroe moment if a gust of wind comes and you’re wearing a Circle Skirt? Most likely yes. But….my bleached hair will have two inches of regrowth in front, I won’t have exposed cleavage (or any cleavage for that matter), and my underpants are definitely not something anyone wants to see. Maybe I should wear leggings….

* Can you make a Circle Skirt that’s actually closed off in the legs, a la M.C. Hammer? Yes! Koolats (love the answer in that link). I wore a teal green pair on my first day of High School and paired it with a silky creme-colored blouse that had shoulder pads. Why I wanted to look 40 when I was 14 is unanswerable.

* Did you get those shoes from Payless? Yep. Clearance, $7!

* When does Friday Night Lights start up again? Not soon enough. Thank goodness we have Direct TV, so we get the early season feed. Can not wait; best show on TV. Better than Project Runway. True.

Hopefully I’ve answered all your questions! If you have any more, leave them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them there.
And since I just can’t do a post without sharing some sort of photo, today I wish I was still here:
snapping photos of crazy Italians (and they think the stereotype is cliche. They really talk like that! It’s true!)
One day I promise, promise to post my Italy pics. Maybe I should start a new theme on my blog called “Celebrate Italy”, then I’ll definitely be forced to get my photos in order. Okay, sorry for the random post. Enjoy your night!

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