heart-FELT holidays (giveaway closed)

Remember the popular book Fa La La La Felt that came out last year? Maybe you own it? It’s darling. Well the sequel book is coming out in a week and it’s got 40 FELT projects for every type of holiday! Yep.
Even Groundhog Day.

And….it costs less than $10.  What?!
Totally cool.
It’s called heart-FELT Holidays.
And tucked inside the Easter section….is my Peeps Bunny Bunting!
Fun fun.
So how about a huge book giveaway? 
Today we’re giving away FOUR copies of this book, one copy of Fa La La La Felt, some real felt and embroidery floss, and 2 FREE PDF patterns for everyone (cause my mom always told me that everyone’s a winner….though that’s not really true…..but I guess it can be today).

So here’s what’s inside that Felt book:
It starts with basics of felt fabric, the different types, selecting fabric, various stitches to use, etc.
Then it jumps right into the projects (with pattern templates in the back of the book. Please note: some templates need to be photocopied and enlarged).

You’ve got cool felt project ideas for the standard holidays….
And then there are some slightly more obscure ones.
A little groundhog phone case??  Who thinks of that?  So cute!
April Showers bring May Flowers:
Fun for Father’s Day:
And these are just totally unique and cool. Funky family portraits:
Even the authors Kathy and Amanda have their own felt portraits in the back of the book.
Very clever.
There’s really something for everybody in the book. With 40 projects, how could there not be?
And for Easter there are two bunny projects.
The Bunny Pal (there’s a Free PDF download of this project at the end of the post):
And yea, these guys:
There they are!
Along with Peeps door hangers.
I won’t lie. It’s pretty neat to see your name printed in a book.
And….even more exciting is that these are the same people that I’m working with on my next book! It’s killing me that I’ve been making projects I won’t be able to share with you for another year. But that’s how publishing goes I guess.

Want to try out heart-FELT Holidays?
There’s a lot of swag here, which means FOUR winners.
• ONE winner receives:
– a copy of heart-FELT Holidays (signed by both authors)
– a copy of the Fa la la la FELT book
– all the felt and embroidery floss needed to make the Bunny Pal project.
• THREE winners receive a copy of heart-FELT Holidays (signed by me, on my page)
• EVERYONE can download:
– a FREE PDF copy of the Bunny Pal project with pattern HERE
– a FREE PDF copy of the Peeps Bunny Bunting with pattern HERE.

Please NOTE: there was a slight mix-up in the template size of the bunnies in the book but they’ve been corrected here in the PDF downloads.
Giveaway Rules:
* Leave a comment, that’s it!
* Only One entry per person.
* If you forget something and need to leave a second comment, go back and DELETE your first comment.
* Open to US and Canadian residents (sorry)
* FOUR winners will be picked via random.org
* Giveaway ends, Sunday 3/25/12 at 10pm (Central Time).
Winners will be announced next week.

Have a heart-felt day!

  1. 1) Tisha

    Yay for felt, love doing projects with felt! I can’t wait to try the bunny patterns!

  2. 2) Grace

    Love felt project – quick, easy and so satisfying! This book looks awesome.

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    Yay for felt, love doing projects with felt! I can’t wait to try the bunny patterns!
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  6. I have the first book and I love it-so looking forward to this one! Congrats on your project being included! It’s so cute!

  7. 10) Hannah R

    Cute book!

  8. 11) Callie


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  9. 12) Gerwerken

    I love the pumpkin pie. It would be an adorable addition to my Thanksgiving decor, and my kids could play with it the rest of the year! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  10. 13) Joy

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  12. 15) Rachel

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  15. 19) Margaret

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  19. 23) Kelly Kingdon

    This would be AMAZING as I am completely felt Obsessed!!!!!!
    I am crossing my fingers!

    Kelly K
    Kelly_kingdon (at) yahoo dot com

  20. 24) AmyLou

    Looks like a very fun book with lots of cute projects. I would love to do some of these with my kiddos. Sign me up for the drawing! 🙂

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  21. 25) laura

    I love felt! Can’t wait to see the wonderful ideas. Congrats on your sweet peeps!

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    Tiffany K

  23. 27) Melody

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  25. 29) Akiko

    I love felt craft. It’s so warm and cozy. My next project is to make play food for my daughter. After that, I’d LOVE to work on your pattern. Everything looks cute as far as I see!!


  26. 30) Kelly Jean

    ….so, so, so cute! I love felt projects and holidays! What a wonderful give-away!
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  36. 42) Ellie B

    Aw, those books look fun, looks like great projects to do with my three daughters (my son might get into it too?)! Thanks for a great giveaway. I love your site btw, today I’m making the layered skirt from your tutorials for one dd’s b’day.
    Here’s hoping we win: elif(at)bellsouth(dot)net

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  42. There’s an appeal about felt – the lack of hemming included – that makes it perfect to work with!
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  68. 80) Kat C

    Actually made up some of your fun bunting for our baby that is due in september to decorate the room and used the beach robe pattern and the streamers and the 90 min shirt which I am pretty sure I can do in about 60 at this point, oh and the pants and…oh I should stop. Love all your projects. Congrats on the new little bundle of joy!

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    Recently I’ve made a kindle case and a fishing game for my son, which he loved it!
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    By the way, I love your website, it’s very inspiring…

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    And high fives on the inclusion in the book- I can’t wait to see what you’re working on (in a year!)

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    Vanessa Brantley-Newton

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  829. 906) tina r

    there are craft books out there which have only a couple of projects i’m interested in. this book is filled with *so many* great ones, i wouldn’t know where to start! (oh, i know… with the free downloads!) thanks so much!
    tinarod515 {at} gmail {d0t} com

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    Well I don’t think I’ll win among the 925 other people who left a coment but I will try the felt bunny !
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