PR Alllstars

Did you watch the Project Runway Allstars finale?
(–spoiler alert–)

He did it!
I was so bummed when he didn’t win Season 8 but last night he sealed the deal.
And seriously, can you believe all that stuff he won? Guest editor for a year at Marie Claire magazine…a contract to sell his clothing in Neiman Marcus…$100,000 of goods from HP…holy moly. That’s rad.

I gotta admit, I didn’t love Mondo’s collection overall. But looking at this season and the previous one…. I love what he does, his vibe, his combination of fabrics. He’s brilliant at mixing prints. Brilliant.

My favorite looks of the season….
LEFT: Austin’s lace dress. The best of the best last night.
MIDDLE: Mondo’s pants. I liked the pockets regardless of what the judges said.
RIGHT: Michael’s Safari dress. My favorite in his collection. But funny that April actually made it.
LEFT: Did I mention Mondo was amazing at mixing prints? I love this dress.
MIDDLE: Kenley’s neon tape dress was very cool under the blacklights.
RIGHT: Another cool mismatched fabric combo by Kenley. Love those pockets!

And that’s a runway wrap….till the real season returns.
I need me some Tim Gunn.

  1. 1) Käthe

    I agree! I was so happy that Mondo won! He is a master at mixing prints and I was disappointed that he didn’t win during his season.

  2. 2) Michelle

    I wanted Mondo to win that season too! Love him!

  3. 3) April

    I am so happy Mondo won! I think he got the better deal as well since he didn’t win from whatever season he lost. He lost to the “Ready to Wear” lady in which my husband vowed to never watch the show with me again. He felt Mondo should have won handily. I think this is great karma for Mondo because his talent is, in my opinion, innate. I loved all three designers’ collections. I cannot, too, wait for more Tim Gunn! 🙂

  4. I was glad he won.. but… I’ve always had an affinity for Austin. Ever since I fell in love with him and his style on Season 1. So I was sad for him. Buuuut.. Mondo deserved it. He made a LOT of great clothes this season. Anyway. I saw a commercial the other day for PR Season 10 this summer with all the regular people back on!!

  5. 5) pernille

    I sooooo agree with you, Mondo was the absolute winner! And even through Allstars turned out to be ok, I am, exactly like you, waiting for the real deal to come around again. Project Runway just isn’t right without the fabolous Tim Gunn.

  6. Mondo was super whiny-pants this season, but I can’t help but love him and root for him. Glad he won, though the finale kind of sucked. I hated that they didn’t have weeks/ months to make a really great collection and it was all just kind of anti-climatic. Hopefully season 10 will be better than the last few seasons have been.

    I also loved Austin’s lace dress last night until I saw that pouf from straight on- it looked just like a lady business! I can’t.

  7. I was glad that Mondo won too. His collection had just the right blend of artistry and accessibility and was so cohesive.

  8. I was so happy for mondo too! He is amazing! I liked Austin and think he did a great job, but I LOVE Mondo.

    I do miss Tim and can’t wait to see him. AND surprisingly I missed the old judges too.

  9. Mondo definitely deserved the win, I thought he should have taken the win is season 8. Austin’s lace dress is divine, however I just don’t like him. He rubs me the wrong way. Mondo is humble and appreciative and a brilliant designer. I love all his clothes. I do miss Tim Gunn and Heidi- Looking forward to season 10!

  10. Word! I loved those pockets on Mondo’s pants too! i think my favorite dress the whole season was his mixed print dress! I am so Happy he won..even though he can be a bit irritable when he get stressed out I think he has loads of talent!

  11. AGHHHH!! We were on vacation and I was going to watch it later… oh well… now I can enjoy the show without biting my nails off hoping for Mondo to win! LOL

  12. ps, I did see your spoiler alert, but I just read on anyway!

  13. i stopped watching after the episode with miss piggy, that was a total turn off!! i am happy to hear that mondo won he is amazing! and i cant wait for the regular PR i dont think they would ever do something like that horrible episode with miss piggy it seemed like a joke to me and as if they were making fun of the whole thing!

  14. I was so happy Mondo won! His looks were great this season, plus of course he was totally robbed in season 8, so I really felt he deserved it. Overall though, I was really impressed with all 3 of the finalists. They all had some really great items in their collections.

  15. I’m so glad Mondo won too! And I’m glad that Michael didn’t have a meltdown like he did last time he didn’t win….

  16. I am so glad Mondo won. I think he deserved it the most! I think he should have won season 8 too, but the prize this time bigger this time…so I guess it turned out for the better for him.

  17. oh I am glad he won..but I hadn’t watched it yet…when you say spoiler alert..could you scroll down a few more lines……LOL!!

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