How was your Halloween weekend? Did you finish the costumes? Was it a race to the finish? Did you devour enough sweets?

As you remember, I procrastinated and crammed the costumes last weekend. So this weekend was stress free! Our holiday involved good friends and all sorts of Halloween goodness. There were Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes.
Something salty to balance out the sweet.
I mentioned to my friend Katherine the other day that our standard Halloween night dinner growing up was beans and hotdogs. I looked forward to it every year. And now, it sounds disgusting.
She then told me about her family’s tradition of pigs-in-a-blanket, with cheese slices melted in. Or as they called them “bound hotdogs”. I had to try the cheesy twist. And guess what? They’re really, really good. I’m making these every year now.

There was tons ‘o candy (Twix being my favorite).
An impromptu photo shoot after church because the kids both looked cute in their “orange” outfits. However, no one wanted to participate and this was the best (and only) shot I got. Oh well. This is definitely more “candid”.
We oooo’d and ahhhh’d over the real-life web outside of our kitchen window.
Did I tell you about our pet spider?
Well, he sort of adopted us and set up shop outside our window 2 weeks ago.
And we’ve been enamored with him ever since. We watched him spin this amazing web one afternoon, with the thread coming right out of this body. It was really cool. Every morning since then, the kids have woken up and marched right into the kitchen to check on our pet spider and his detailed web.
Continuing with the festivities….

Today I received an email from Alice (appropriate name) who has kids the same ages as mine, and made Alice and Mad Hatter costumes for them too! How cute is this?? I’m jealous of the petticoat she put under the Alice dress (really should have done that) and the more fitted apron on her little girl. Looks darling! And I love that our minds created the same pattern for it! Too bad I don’t live in Chicago. We could have gotten the kids together for a group photo (though I’m glad we had much warmer weather than the Windy City)
And our Halloween was topped off with some of this:
The kids eagerly walked from house to house with their good friend Little Red Riding Hood Savannah.
We took in the clever decor,
And Owen cautiously waited at the sidewalk if the house was too decorated. Moving skeletons and spooky sounds aren’t his flavor.
Pumpkin jack was waiting for us when we got home and tried to put sugar-high kids in bed. A successful Halloween! I hope you had a fun one too!

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