Runway Rundown: THE FINALE!

Okay, I’m back from a Quilt Market whirlwind weekend. So…let’s talk PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE!

I was shocked, and disappointed.
I really can’t believe that…..GRETCHEN WON???
Okay, I liked a few items from her collection (and that sparkly silver shirt she was wearing) but I equally hated 3/4 of her stuff.

While, Mondo….Oh, I loved it all! I honestly wanted to wear all of those pieces.

Okay, let’s check out some pieces from each collection.

His collection was very “pretty” and I loved that green fabric, wherever he used it. But I found it a bit boring overall and the judges did too. They immediately wrote him off as the finale winner.
There was talk off the runway on the T&L blog about Andy perhaps copying patterns. Draw your own conclusions. I think simply think that yes, he probably owns that book, he’s flipped through it in the past and certain images just stuck in his mind. Remember my diaper cover that I realized was similar to Lotta’s? There are often times we create an image in our mind and then stumble on the original source that inspired us after-the-fact. It’s easy to forget where we saw something, though our mind catalogs the pretty picture for us. So, I think Andy’s cool.

Her collection was very earthy, boring brown, and hippy-love. Admittedly, I actually liked a few of her pieces….and found that I liked more of her collection as I looked at the photos online, after watching the show. Those pants are great:
But um, when did underwear become a substitute for pants? These are RIDICULOUSLY not cute to me. Who is wearing that in public??? And did I miss something…..I swear that last week Michael Kors told her that the jewelry looked lame, while this week he was ooooing and ahhhhing over it. Huh?
Well….Nina and Michael Kors went nuts over the entire collection.
She is so current and forward thinking. THIS is what women want to wear! (in a nutshell). Um, have you seen that stuff in stores? Yea, me neither.
I was so happy that Heidi and Jessica Simpson were sticking up for Mondo. I’d wear the polka dot dress too! I even loved it when Jessica told Gretchen, my sister will rock your outfits (meaning, I hate them).

Heidi fought hard for Mondo but it didn’t fly. I guess the big bully judges get to win in the end.

Because seriously, I would wear ALL of this!
I love the mismatched looks and the leggings, and the checks, and the crazy patterns and colors….

And I really want that blue boatneck shirt. Yes, his clothing looks aimed at a younger audience, but is that bad? I totally agree with Heidi when she said, “I would wear stuff in Gretchen’s collection but I just don’t find it interesting.” Mondo’s work is exciting and unique.
Sorry Mondo. We were rooting for you! But just as with American Idol, being runner up still gets you pretty far in the world. (For a great recap about his viewing party and photos, check out Design Mom’s post. Lucky duck got to be there for it).
And Gretchen, I’ll be happy for you. You are a talented lady and I love your sparkly shirt. But I hope you realize why everyone called you a B*&^$ and move forward with improved team-work and people skills.
And that’s a SEASON wrap!
It’s been fun hearing all your comments over the past months. I’m not sure I can commit to doing these write-ups next season as well….they’re more time consuming than I thought. But we’ll see what happens!
So, what are your thoughts??
Were you shocked too??!

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