Candy Bar Salad

Sifting through Halloween Candy?
Trying to get the kids to eat more apples?
Try an old side-dish favorite….
(and just pretend the apples make it “healthy”. Heh Heh.)
This recipe is so easy. And so yummy.
It really doesn’t require a recipe. But I like excuses for taking photos of food.

Grab your leftover Snicker bars (or Milky Ways or Peanut Butter cups. They’re all yummy)
candy-bar-salad-7Grab 4-5 green apples. Other apples work too but the tartness of Granny Smiths are best (think: Caramel apples)
Slice them up into little bite-sized pieces:
candy-bar-salad-4Do the same for the candy bars. Smaller pieces are better so you don’t get a big ‘ole chewy chunk of Snickers…..not that that’s bad but they just blend well in the salad when pieces are smaller.
Throw it all in a bowl,

candy-bar-saladToss a huge dollop of Cool Whip on top,
Mix it up, and eat! Your kids are gonna love you tonight.


  1. 1) Rochelle

    I love love love this salad! People looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I brought it to a party but, within minutes it was gone! They were fighting over it! Hilarious!!

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