green, white, and a little stumped

Just when life is busy it’s always a good idea to say YES to a few craft fairs? Right? Thankfully I have a small bit of inventory already built up. But this weekend, as I lounge around the cabin at a girl’s weekend getaway, I’ll be making these:
and these:
…while Lucy and Owen spend quality time with Dad. She really is thrilled about it, I promise.
and I’m at a bit of a quandary these days. Maybe you lovely people can help me figure it out. I love my joon bug clothing labels; the color, the logo, the look. They are the perfect thing for children’s clothing. But as the made site grows and I sell my goods at craft fairs, I question which label to go with. Am I joon bug or made? I feel more made. So do I create made clothing labels too? or instead of? I hate to say goodbye to this little face. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe I can be both. Somehow I don’t think the face goes with “made”. But I’ve got some other ideas floating around too. Oh….the things in life that are so inconsequential.

How ’bout a little more of this instead.

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