Sam I Am Costume

Sam, if you will let me be, I will try them, you will see.
Say! I like Green Eggs and Ham!
I do! I like them Sam I Am!
Lately, Lucy’s favorite bed-time book has been Green Eggs and Ham. She requests it almost every night and often I hear her reading it in bed to herself when I wake up in the morning (since she has the thing memorized).
When October rolled around I thought, I’m too busy this year. She can just be a boring princess (since I’m sure that’s all she really wants to be). Of course I knew my sewing hands would look back on that and always regret not making a homemade costume. Oh, the dilemma.

Then one night, Casey had a bright idea: she should be Sam I Am for Halloween. So we asked her and she was totally into it! Okay! I was jazzed and excited, especially because I love doing ensemble pieces. So little brother became Cat in the Hat.
Once we got the hat on and situated he was a good sport and wore that thing ALL night long. Endurance.
Most of the pieces were made of felt (the favorite costume fabric-of-choice).
I glue-gunned a pipe cleaner grid inside the hat so it would stand up straight. Worked pretty good.
The green eggs and ham were made of felt also and stuffed with batting.
I knew she wouldn’t hold a plate of eggs all night, so I glued them to a cardboard plate (painted white) and attached a “bracelet” to the bottom to secure it on her arm.
She thought it was great fun and wanted to wear it most of the day.
The yellow dress was made of that furry fabric; you know…the kind that gets little hairs everywhere….even in your mouth. Couldn’t wait to get that part of the project cleaned up!

I couldn’t find yellow fur at the store so I bought white, used RIT dye and tried to dye it yellow. It mostly died the underside of the fabric leaving the fur a pale yellow. Bummer.
So I went back to my original thought and just spray-painted the fur yellow. Hooray! Bright yellow indeed. I lined the dress with cotton so that she wasn’t itchy all night. Cause nothing’s worse on Halloween than a child who refuses to wear the costume you just slaved over.

The shoes are probably my favorite part. They looked so cute on her little feet.
I sewed two “shoe profile” type pieces together and lined them with white knit. That knit folded out the top and created a casing for elastic (to go around her ankle).
I sewed a small piece of elastic to the bottom to help it stay on her shoe (but I’m not sure this was necessary. They stayed on pretty well regardless).
The costumes got plenty of wear time; first on Friday night at the church Trunk or Treat:
And for a good hour Saturday night, all around the neighborhood.
I could tell Lucy was running out of steam eventually when I asked her, do you want to go to that house over there? or just go home?
I want to go home, she said.
And that’s a wrap.

I do so like Green Eggs and Ham.
Thank you, Thank you Sam I Am.
For Halloweens of the past, click HERE.

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