SYTYC Week ONE – Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two

When Harvest is done and the pie has been baked,
stuff those big pockets full of goodies to take.

What a very fun WEEK ONE for the So You Think You’re Crafty online contest. There were almost 3300 votes! Wowzers! Thank you for those of you who cast yours for:

The Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two.

The dress was a winner!

There were a few other favorites from the week, that I was secretly rooting for as well.
This tractor from Homemade by Jill made me smile every time I looked at it. Jill has an amazing talent for felt and cool things for boys.
These Wheat Throw Pillows from Vanessa at V and Co. are just beautiful. I’ve done a lot of freezer paper stenciling in my day but never thought to do it on pillows. And the wheat stalks? Great idea! Beautiful, cute, love the colors.
So, with WEEK ONE behind us, I can now share more of my creation with you. I actually had the idea for this dress a year ago when I created the Green Thumb Overalls for Owen.
I loved the upholstery fabric so much that I asked my Mother-In-Law to head back to her local Joanns (mine didn’t have it. Clearance stuff) and buy me another yard…in hopes of making a dress for Lucy. Well, that time finally came!
The dress spoke “harvest” to me, not only because of it’s pitch-forked fabric but because the large pockets could hold an entire Thanksgiving Harvest feast. The perfect church dress, with toys attached to-self.

I made all of the food items out of felt; most of them double-layered and some with velcro attachments so the food can be separated.

I’m a girl with a heart for a variety of dishes. So I made two versions, cause each food deserves it’s own presentation, right?
My all-time favorite holiday dessert is Pumpkin Pie. This little pie comes apart in two servings and has whipped cream as an option. (Usually my ratio of whipped cream to pie, however, is switched).
Hold the whipped cream? No problem.
Turkey Drumsticks:
Grapes that pull apart in bunches as real grapes should:
Homemade bread with Strawberry Jam or Butter:
Steamed Broccoli (which shockingly is like candy to Lucy. I shake my head in confusion but I keep the green stalks coming!)
and…..dinner is done.
You can find a tutorial for the Puffed Sleeves in the Harvest Dress HERE:
(Sorry, but I didn’t use a specific pattern for the dress; I usually make it up as I go. But it’s a simple “A” line dress, with the front cut in two (with a bit of overlap for buttons) and then the sleeves are found in my tutorial above.)

The Tutorial for the Gathered Pockets can be found HERE:

And the Felt Food Tutorial can be found HERE:
Enjoy your harvest!

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