feeling ground-hoggy

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in weather that’s over 105 degrees every day….well, it’s like Groundhog Day. I’m sure it’s similar to those of you who live in very cold climates. Every day is the same routine….trying to figure out something new to keep the kids entertained–since going to the park is not an option.

It’s our life.

And I’m not entirely complaining here. Because I’d much rather sweat-it-out in a summertime pool than bundle up in the winter. I mean less clothes is better than more, right?


If you live in central Texas from May to September (October? November?) every day you put on a swimsuit–and it’s a good idea for each person to have more than one suit because you completely wear them out. Target and GAP have outfitted us well.

You call up your friends who are living a parallel air-conditioned life, and you head to the pool! Here’s our local Rec Center. We love it:

I usually wear my LimeRicki onepiece:

Owen sports the refashioned trunks:

And we swim for a few hours.

The kids usually make a few new friends along the way. They pretend to swim like mermaids. They throw and search for diving toys (and one or two are lost forever).

Then Lucy announces it’s time for a snack. For a skinny girl who rarely eats, she’s always excited about this part. We break out the crackers, fruit leathers, and on special occasion–cheap cookies.

Then we’re back in the water again.

And duh, duh, duh….little Lucy braves the blue slide.

She looks so mini; standing there, waiting for the “okay” from the lifeguard to climb up.

Owen and I watch from the edge.

And out she comes! She’s become an excellent swimmer this summer and wiggles her way back to the side of the pool.

And that my friends is what we’ve been doing all summer.

It’s been great.

And we must have learned some life-lessons because today we woke up and a different song was playing on the radio. The swimsuits stayed-put in my big yellow swimming bag. And instead, we put on First Day of School clothes, and were out the door by 7:45 for Lucy’s new school.

A new era has begun!

It’s still 105 outside but our surroundings will look different for a while (and then they’ll morph in their own groundhog day). Thank goodness for seasons of life.

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