first day of school clothes refashion

Yesterday Lucy started kindergarten.

I knew she was going to love it. And she did.

She’s the kind of kid that likes structure, likes to follow rules, and wants responsibility. In fact she didn’t even want to eat dinner the night before because she was worried she wouldn’t get into bed on time before her big day.

And like most girls (me included), she was excited to have new school clothes to wear.

Oddly enough though, I hadn’t even thought about what she was going to wear till Saturday night. Cause it’s not like the girl doesn’t have enough clothes in her drawer. But I clearly remember each year when I was a kid…picking out my new outfit the night before, laying it out on the floor (with the appropriate socks and accessories–in some cases two sock colors for that 80s layered look), and jumping out of bed in the morning to put on the cute ensemble. You wanted the outfit to look fresh and exciting but you didn’t want to look like you were trying to hard. Maybe you broke your shoes in the few weeks before so they weren’t too sparkling clean. Dumb stuff like that.

Lucy’s too young to care about such silliness.

So she wore her spanking new tennis shoes. And I refashioned a little skirt for her.

We received this hand-me-down from a friend (on Saturday!). It’s really cute, but I’m not a fan of halter dresses. They’re too bare for school and I just think they look kinda silly with a shirt underneath. So….

I chopped off the top, grabbed some contrasting fabrics, and followed the Simple Skirt tutorial.

This time around I added a deep pocket on the side.

I embellished it with a felt heart, sewing it on to the pocket by machine, and embroidering it with crochet thread.

With a tank top from Old Navy and Converse from Target, her school outfit was ready to go!

We definitely need to get another pair of shoes since these are the only pair of tennies she has. Bye bye flip-flop summer.

And we were off on our morning walk to school. The school is just around the block from our house and thankfully at 7:45 it was only 88 degrees.

We had a few conversations along the way.

And we made it!

A few minutes late (Yep, I took too many pictures).

We spotted her name,

hung up her bag with the rest of the kids,

and brought a flower for her teacher. She’s an adorable lady with brown hair, cute smile, and good energy. And…..there are only 15 kids in her class. 15?! Every class I grew up in had at least 30. How luxurious.

We said our goodbyes.

No tears. Just smiles.

I vowed to be on time the next day:

Owen and I walked home alone.

And for the next 7 hours, he never stopped talking to me.

We’re both going to miss his little playmate.

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