Can-Can at the Oscars?

I know, I promised a BOY round-up. It’s still coming. But last night while watching the Academy Awards THIS caught my eye:
Though I really hate the top bodice (both front and back),
and the ruffles are bit too ruffled,
and it’s already on those “what were they thinking?” lists……
well, Zoe Saldana (of Avatar)’s dress reminded me an awful lot of this:
I guess you Can-Can to the Oscars! Thank you Givenchy for visiting MADE. Haah. In my dreams.

But seriously, who needs fancy shmancy Designer gowns when we’ve got you guys? Let’s see what Can-Can’s you’ve been up to….

The photo above is from Misty Valadez’s photostream. She took the pattern even further and added an adjustable waist-band. Very cool.

This photo I’ve been dying to share with you. The day I spotted it was right when Celebrate the Boy started and I knew I’d be skinned alive for showing anything with ruffles during February. So, here it is. A rainbow of fruit flavors from Brown Paper Packages. Total Eye Candy:
From Twin Mommas, this Can-Can should be called “Carnation“:
And from Above the Clouds, I’d call this “Saltwater Taffy“:
Two pink versions. On the LEFT from Kinzie’s Kreations and on the RIGHT also from Misty Valadez. Darling pose:

Still itching to try it out? You can purchase the Can-Can skirt Pattern from our shop HERE.

And if you love the Can-Can skirt as much as we do…..and you’re addicted to sewing them….well, now you can make and sell them in your own etsy shop or boutique! Check out all the info in our Limited Production License info HERE:
OR, if you’re too tired to sew, check out some shops that are already selling them. From Brown Paper Packages, you’ll find custom-made Can-Can skirts in her shop SugnSpice. You pick the Color and Size; she sews it up! Check it out HERE:
I think Little Blue Bell is more than ready for the red carpet. Keep your Can-Can’s coming! Make sure you upload your photos to the you MADE it Flickr group.

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