need an afternoon pick-me-up?

I hope you’re not on a diet. You may gain a pound just reading this post.

We had this for breakfast (or was it a mid-morning snack? Technically I’d already eaten a bowl of cereal before these showed up):
Need a close-up?
Yea. They really were that good and that crusty and that soft on the inside.

Am I obsessed with donuts?
You betcha.

I usually don’t eat them during the week or on a random whim. It’s more of a Saturday-morning-outing type of thing. But my friend Paige came over today and brought her darling daughter (who you’ll recognize from the Super Snowflakes pics) and the sugary box above. You see, it really wasn’t my fault.
But yes, I ate 2 of them.

Then I quickly grabbed my camera because this face was too stinking adorable:
Those eyes!
And Lucy is definitely my daughter. When donuts come out to play….her normal bird-diet is tossed aside. She can quickly down two sprinkled donuts, no prob.
To round out the rest of our warm sunny day, however……we wiped off our faces,
tried on new clothes (more info on that tomorrow),
We spent 2 hours walking around the lake near our house; just picking up rocks, sticks, and throwing pebbles in the water. I really enjoyed it as much as the kids.
And very soon we’re meeting Casey at a park near his office to blow off the late-afternoon.
And then, hmmmm, maybe dinner at Rudy’s?
can I admit to eating donuts and Rudy’s in the same day?
I promise I had 1/2 of a banana in there somewhere, Mom!

Please tell me you have days like this too?

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