bye bye Bernina 730

Yesterday I finally said goodbye to my very first sewing machine, the Bernina 730. I inherited this machine from my great-aunt who passed away years ago. I didn’t know her all that well, but one day my mom drug me and my sisters on a visit to her husband, my great uncle.
Yea, fun.
But while we were there he asked, “any of you girls interested in a sewing machine?”
“um, yes!” It ended up being a great trip.
Fortunately for me, my great aunt was only interested in the finest machines. At the time I had never heard of Bernina but now I can see why she paid a pretty price for this:
and all these cool feet:It’s been a wonderful sewing machine. Sturdy, powerful, cute (if you can call a machine that), and reliable. The first year we were married, my wonderful husband knew I also wanted a serger to compliment my machine. So with his mother’s input he got me a Bernina serger for Christmas. Since then I have also purchased my current Bernina 1008 sewing machine and LOVE it. It runs so smooth and quietly. Yet it’s the same sturdy Swiss metal as the older machines.

So last night a cute girl came to my house and purchased the old machine. I had posted it on Craigslist in an effort to raise funds for a new camera. (Sigh).
It went for a little less than I was hoping for but it went to a wonderful person! and that makes me smile. The girl who bought it is an adorable costume designer here in LA. She loves old machines and needs one that’s more portable/lightweight (funny since I always thought this one was so heavy), so she can take it on-set with her. The machine needs to have a professional tune-up to get the zigzag working and then she’ll be set! I hope she loves the machine. Even though it was a business transaction, it’s nice to see your treasure headed for a good home. Bye bye Bernina!

  1. 1) Deborah

    Hello I just read your blog and I am trying to learn to use my grandmothers bernina seeing machine and it is the same as the one you have cam you give me any tips or pointers on using it? Any information would be very helpful. Thank you

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