Onesie Dress

When Old Navy puts their summer clothes on clearance, it’s hard to pass up a onesie for 99 cents (especially with refashioning ideas in mind). I started with this:
And came up with this:
It was quite simple to do: Cut the onesie in half and then add a gathered skirt and any personal touches. I did hand stitching along the bottom:
Another way to do it is to cut the onesie in half and then sew the diaper cover, the skirt, and top of the onesie all back together, so it’s like there’s a skirt attached to the onesie. I’ll try that one next.

My favorite part of this little dress is the diaper cover. I just think it’s too cute. I added white knit to the top and put elastic in the waist band:
This was a baby gift for my cousin’s little girl June. It’s a little bit summery but her name is June! Hopefully it’ll still fit when spring-time rolls around!

  1. 1) Tiffini Byars

    My mother just gifted me lots of inexpensive onsies, and i’d love to make a couple of these sets and save as gifts. How did you attach the cotton skirt to knit top that would allow it to give while pulling it over the babies (or 2 y old in my case) head? is that just using a zigzag stitch in all the places i’d use a straight one? do you have a tutorial on this somewhere already? thanks!

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