Just kickin it

I love a pair of comfortable (yet stylish) pants. I thought Goose would love some too. Made out of linen-cotton, here are her new pants for kickin around (shirt is from Target, Cherokee brand and one of my new favorites. She has it in four different colors):
The pants are a simple, elastic waist-band pattern. I tried sewing the elastic right to the fabric this time (stretching it as I went). This saved on time but didn’t allow for errors. And since I made the elastic too big, I then had to add a waist-band tie to help cinch the pants up around her skinny body. It adds a nice accessory, however:The pockets have contrasting red stitching. Subtle but fun:Since it’s cooler these days, I added a soft knit lining. I seriously want to wear these pants!
And she does too; until they start falling off her little bum….

  1. Oh my goodness! Lucy was so little here! I dont think ive seen this post before. Those pants do look comfortable! Hope you saved them for clara.

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