Adrian’s Wedding

And here are the pics from my cousin Adrian’s wedding (see the pre-wedding dinner pics here). I wasn’t the official photographer but I had fun capturing candid moments of the day and evening.
Her dress was absolutely gorgeous.
She was married in my parent’s backyard in Orange County, California. And have I ever mentioned that my Aunt and Uncle live next door to my parents? It’s so much fun! When my mom and Aunt looked for homes 20 years ago, they told the realtor they needed houses next to each other. And they got it! And it’s always a party with plenty of food and conversation between the two houses (Sunday night dinner is easily 30 people). Now that most of the siblings and cousins are grown there are tons of grandkids running around which only adds to the fun.

Here comes the bride with my Uncle Rich:
My mom and I cut/glued/hung the hot pink fabric that morning. It added a nice pop of color in the background.
Meet the De Primas.
Isn’t her new name great? Adrian De Prima?
She’s a character from Rocky.
We spent the next few hours taking pictures, eating, dancing, and enjoying the celebration.

My cousin Jarond with niece Chloe * my cousin Rachael and her babe Cash

My niece Ava. She and Lucy are good buddies and they’re both sad we don’t live closer to each other. Such a cute girl.
My cousin Cameron:

my Sister-in-law Laura and brother Eric * my youngest sister Meredith.

My cousins Kam, Jarond, and Karis. Kam and I spent countless hours as kids playing Barbies.
Ava’s little sister Leah. She’s got the goofiest, fun personality. Love her.

Braden, Kam, and baby Alice:
* My Uncle Craig had shaved his mustache off that week, so he came with a back-up plan *
* Just so you know I was there *

The pretty reception at my cousin’s house, next door…
Congrats to the new couple! It was a beautiful day. I’m glad I could be there!

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