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I’m happy so many of you were interested in the Rainy Day Bag last week. It’s always a surprise which posts will spark conversation. I sort of posted it on a whim…..I guess I should share this since I sewed it. But it sounds like many of you would like to know more about the book we’re using for the bag themes and what items go inside each bag.
I asked to borrow the book from Lucy’s teacher and should have it tomorrow so I’ll share that info in my next bag post!

In the mean time, here’s one I finished yesterday.
The theme is:
I wanted to make this one a bit more interactive. So there’s a detachable tooth fairy pillow, a pocket for hiding your tooth (and finding a tooth fairy surprise), and felt toothbrush to make brushing seem fun.
I thought the kids could practice brushing teeth on their dolls and stuffed animals.
I made the toothbrush from a few layers of felt, with a piece of cardstock inside give it more strength:
First I sewed velcro to the back then folded everything up inside and sewed it all together. I trimmed the edges of the white felt to create bristles:
The tooth is also made of felt with a piece of velcro on the back to close off the pocket and keep the tooth fairy surprise safe inside. I made the pillow layer-by-layer, using a lot of velcro to hold the detachables in place. And finally I stuffed the pillow and sewed it shut.
One little tooth fairy pillow with a secret tooth pocket:
It might be fun if the teacher left a small surprise in the pocket for each new child who takes the bag home. Or maybe each child can leave a secret treat in there when they return the bag for the next kid to enjoy.

Lucy hasn’t lost any teeth yet but she asked to sleep with the pillow last night. That made me happy.
Note: the pillow isn’t really meant for the kids to lay their heads on….it’s more like a stuffed animal that lays next to them in bed or on a nightstand near the bed. For sanitary purposes, the pillow and other stuffed animals used in the bags can be washed or sprayed with Febreeze.

Also with the Rainy Day Bag, I sewed the clouds on carefully (making sure I didn’t sew the two sides of the bag together). This time around I simply took the bag apart (it was fast/easy) and then sewed it back up when I was done.

To finish off the look I added colorful fabric straps and a title (hand written with a Sharpie).
And one tooth fairy bag is off to school.
Only 16 more to go. Yikes. I’d better pick up the pace.

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