Red Carpet Rundown

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night?
Each year I know fewer and fewer of the films but I still love checking out what everyone’s wearing on the red carpet.  A few things that stuck out at me…LEFT: I love all that fluff on the bottom of Tina Fey’s gown.
CENTER: Amy Poehler’s dress had a lovely subtle sparkle. And though I didn’t care for the back, overall it was classy (a good 180 from the I’m no Angel skit I’ve been relating to lately. I think of it any time I try to dance with my big belly–which isn’t very often.
“When’s your baby due?”
RIGHT: How gorgeous does Viola Davis look?  And how great was she in The Help?

These three dresses were prettier from the top than the bottom….
LEFT: I love that touch of red on Angelina.  Perfect with her lipstick.
MIDDLE: I can never look at Mina Kunis without hearing Meg Griffin.  The top of her dress was simple and lovely with the single strap (I thought the bottom cut her off funny at the waist).
RIGHT: Really interesting cut-out fabric on Diane Agron.  Sadly, the bottom with all those lace layers looked messy and kind of cheap to me so we’ll just focus on the pretty bodice.

A few unexpected colors….
What pretty yellow!  The slinky straight gown on Maria Menounos may have been my favorite of the night. I’d love to wear that!

And who knew blue was the new black?  (sorry Frahnk, George Banks was totally ahead of the game with his black-blue Father of the Bride tux).  Way to own it Joey.

Was there anything I missed?  Something you loved?

  1. I thought Jane Fonda looked absolutely stunning. That’s what a woman of her age should look like. And I loved Laura Dern’s green sequin dress. Gorgeous!

  2. Hi – I’ve been reading your site through googlereader for a looong time now and I love it! Now that you’ve switched though, I can’t see your entire posts. Is this something you did on purpose? While I love your new design, I’m not loving having to click over, and I think I’ll end up reading less of your posts. That makes me sad!

  3. 5) Lisa

    Angelina just looked scary thin to me! She’s so pretty – I don’t know why she feels like she has to be skeletal!

  4. 7) papri

    A little embarrassing, but how do I resubscribe on google feeds now? I am a fan on facebook, but hardly login there so I wanted to add your new site to my google feed also. I love your blog!

  5. We had a lot of the same favorites, although I really loved Kate Beckinsdale and Sofia Vergara as well.

    Love the new layout!

  6. 9) Madalyn

    I’m having google reader issues too. =/ I deleted the old address and put the new one in but it’s not working. It’s not showing any new updates only the last one you made on the old site about moving.

  7. i love your picks! I thought there were a lot of great dresses. However, I have on major complaint, what is it with designers who put these ultra pale skinned women in dresses that are nearly the same shade as their skin? Angelina Jolie for example, while I thought the dress was great, she looked completely washed out in most pictures. Just something that annoys me.

  8. Maria Menounos’ dress was by far my favorite. I loved both the color and the style.

  9. 12) JodieT

    I am with Carrie above, I have been reading your blog forever as well, but clicking over takes too much time. On this post, I love the dress on Angela Jolie. I am a seamstress and that dress has so much style!

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