Too wordy?
But have you been following Project Run and Play online?  The girls from Simple Simon took it over and they have such a great group of contestants this season!  It’s two weeks into the competition and the list of outfits I want for my kids is quickly growing. That dress above by My Sparkle?  So unique! And so adorable (check out the fabric tutorial for it on the PR&P site).

If you’re not familiar with the competition, it’s sort of like Project Runway for kids.  8 designers compete every week on a given theme.  Readers get to vote for their favorite and the designers are also judged by 3 judges made up of….Katy of no big dill, Shannon from Luvinthemommyhood, and me!

This week the theme is Boy’s Week.  You know I love that idea.  And wow.  How great are the entries?  The judging is going to be hard (left photo: Running with Scissors, right: Skirt as Top).  (above photos by Sweetie Pie Bakery).
The voting is open till Sunday night–see the right-hand column of the site.

And speaking of Project Runway….have you been watching the All-Stars season?  Such mixed feelings over here.  I’m not sure I like it. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Mondo.   But I miss Heidi, I miss Tim, I do like Georgina Champan (she has good input), but I can’t stand Isaac Mizrahi (his personality, not his clothes) which is why I never got into The Fashion Show on Bravo.  It felt like a cheap Project Runway rip-off  and that’s sort of how this one feels too.  Sort of.  It’s produced by the same people but it makes me realize how integral the judges and their personalities are to the show’s energy.  I didn’t know I liked Michael Kors, Nina, and Heidi’s mousy voice so much.  I mean, you can’t take Simon Cowell out of American Idol without losing the show’s pizazz .
I’ve watched the first two weeks and will stick with it longer but I don’t look forward to it like I have in the past.   Is this pregnancy brain making me nutso?

  1. 1) Emmie

    This first dress is AMAZING!!!!

  2. I totally agree about the Project Runway. I do like Marchesa designer as a judge, though.

  3. 3) Amy

    The new site looks great Dana. Congrats! I’ve missed you while you were away.

  4. Congrats on the new site, Dana, it looks great! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers write about that blogger/WP comment migration problem. Ugh. And I’m having so much fun competing in Project Run & Play this season! The competition is definitely FIERCE!!!

    (thanks for featuring my Sweet Tartan Dress!) 🙂

    • oooh that oxford gent outfit is adorable! i can see simon enjoying that for about 19 seconds!

      • oops. i did not mean to reply to a comment! just meant to comment. sorry 🙂

  5. You made the switch to WP! Congratulations on the new site! And that dress is GORGEOUS!

  6. First off…..Love the new site! It’s much more cleaner looking and easier to navigate. Although I’m married to a graphic designer myself, I haven’t been able to get my stuff on his schedule to help jazz up my sites a bit. I’m not as computer savvy as you. But anyways…..I used to love watching Project Runway with the original cast & although I’ve been watching the All Stars show…It’s definitely got a new vibe. Not been crazy about it either. But the talent is still amazing! Btw….I’ve been wanting to mention that thanks to you we’ll be checking out the new OC Great Park tomorrow. I can’t believe we only live 45 minutes away & I hadn’t heard about it until you blogged about it -sadly. -Looking forward to more of your posts.

  7. I do like the new site too but cant help but loving your old one. I love seeing Mondo and I know I already want him to win. I do love seeing the outcomes and wishing I could have time in MOOD with them but yes. The energy is lacking. Significantly. Hope you are back for good. 🙂

  8. 10) Tamorrow

    I love the new site. It’s so easy to get around. I agree with you on Project Runway All-Stars, I’m such a huge fan of the original show, this one seems a little stale. I’m hoping I just need a few more episodes to let it grow on me. I LOVE the guest judges so far, I’m impressed! But I’m a sucker for the reality I even made it through the entire season of The Fashion Show and I wish I hadn’t.

  9. 11) Diane

    I completely agree with you about Project Runway! I haven’t even watched the second week because I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I did not like Isaac Mizrahi on the other show so I was sad to hear he was a judge on this one as well. I think it would have been a great show, had they kept the same judges! I don’t understand why they didn’t!!

  10. i also really miss tim. everyone else i can kind of understand, they want to give the contestants a completely fresh run- but tim! i want him back.

  11. Project Runway All Stars = agree completely.
    It’s like you never realized how important a host was…until you got a host who was kind of dull. And no Tim?!! Sacrilege.

  12. Thank you for linking to that adorable dress! Since I don’t have children, I don’t keep up with everything going on online for them. But that tutorial could easily work for adult clothing and I see an awesome skirt in my future.

    I’m really disappointed in PR: All Stars too. I understand they wanted a fresh group to judge and assist the designers (without bias, especially like the kind Nina can have!), but I love the interaction between Tim, Heidi, Michael and Nina. I also don’t think some of the contestants are “all stars” as I don’t recall much from their respective seasons. Maybe some of the others turned down this opportunity. I would have liked to see everyone who placed second or third in their season compete.

    I love your site redesign, by the way!

  13. 15) the.mrs

    You’re not nutso. I don’t love All Stars either.. I skipped to the end, which I’ve NEVER done. I don’t miss Heidi, but no Tim? NOT ok! And I’m not into the designers.. I mean of course I love Mondo and the peeps from his season, but the others, not so much.. we’ll see.

  14. The entries are all wonderful!!
    Where do we vote….? I clicked the link, but it’s just the list of entries.

  15. 17) Natalie

    Great new site! I am updating my feed now. Don’t hate me, but I got so sick of Heidi that I wouldn’t miss her an iota. BUT I would miss Tim with a passion. Tim is THE BEST!! I got so sick of the egos and drama and stupidness on PR that I just couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore. I do love Mondo, and that almost brought me to watch this season. I guess I am kind of glad to hear it isn’t any better than before, even though it is all-stars. I love PR & P.

  16. Ooh, I’m going to have to check that out. Those outfits are adorable!!! I love the little man sweater – I’m a knitter so I’m intrigued at the idea of sewing a sweater; it’d be so much faster that way!

    Also, you’re not nuts. To be honest, I miss Heidi and Tim most of all (I don’t think the new mentor, forget her name, is very warm or caring). I’m okay with the new judges, but to be honest some of the contestants are not people I would deem “all stars.” I’m hoping to see a lot of them get the big boot soon, LOL!

  17. I’m actually loving all-stars. The thing is, the fashion itself is so above and beyond what it’s been the last few seasons that it’s actually about the clothes and not the drama. There have already been things in the bottom three that were better than last season’s winner. And though I miss seeing Tim, I LOVE Joanna Cole. She is tough and straight forward. I’m kind of ambivalent about the new judges, but I do think the host girl is pretty lame. But overall, I just love seeing a much higher level of talent.

    Also, I’m in awe over the stuff going on in PR&P. So stinkin cute.

  18. I feel the same way about the Project Runway Allstars. I watched the first two episodes and I just couldn’t get into like the regular PR. It’s just not the same with out Tim! I wish at least one of the original judges would have carried through so they would be familiar with the contestants. Oh well, I’ll still probably watch it to see the designs. I’m glad you brought this up, because when I was watching these, I was thinking, “I wonder what Dana thinks about this show.” Ha! Hope everything continues to go well with your pregnancy!

  19. I totally agree about Project Runway. Tim and Heidi are so important to the feel of the show that replacing them with others just leaves the show so blah.

  20. I didn’t realize I was attached to the judges of Project Runway until this All Stars show. I got a bowl of ice cream and settled into my chair to watch it expecting to love it just as much as our regular Project Runway. Unfortunately, it left me wishing for the old crew. Who knew I was such a fan of Michael Kors? Turns out, I am. 🙂 I don’t think I’ll catch the rest of All Starts and instead I’ll look forward to Season 10 when they all return.

  21. Love the new site!

    Okay is it just me, but don’t you feel these designers have been let loose in Mood? No Tim Gunn to reel them in and keep up with the time? I will still watch the show but it is not as good as I thought it should be…And I have watched every season! (Shouldn’t Kara Saun or Daniel Vosovic have been an All Star?)

  22. I found your site through So You Think You’re Crafty and now you’re sending me on to a new (to me) competition blog. Looks like it’s going to suck me in too. SO. CUTE.

  23. Haha! Yay that’s my dress! Thanks for posting it. Congrats on your new site. I don’t know how you do it all! And I totally agree about the Fashion Show on Bravo. What do you think about this new show coming out on NBC, “The Fashion Star”? Hmmmm… We’ll see.

  24. 27) Shari

    Ha! I thought I was the only one who wasn’t digging the new Project Runway! I mean, this is the one TV show on Lifetime that I can get my husband to watch with me and he’s even saying he’s not digging the new show. I’m gonna stick it out as well … see where this goes.

  25. 28) jessi

    thanks for sharing ephraim’s sweater! love your new look! very simple, very you 🙂 minus the yellow…but purple is the perfect compliment so it will look great with all your photos!

  26. 29) darcy

    So true! I agree with you about Project Runway All stars. Completely! I will try as well to keep interest though. I like seeing new designs and what people think up and why they think of it. Do you know if the other judges will come back for Project Runway. These judges are only for the All Stars? I have no idea but I sure hope that is they way it is. Blessings on the rest of your pregnancy.

  27. Yeah, totally agree with you about All Stars. It’s…okay. I miss Tim and Heidi and all the others. It’s just not the same. I guess I’ll stick with it too…for now 🙂

  28. I totally agree about Runway, I don’t really care for the judges. They don’t command attention like Heidi, Michael and Nina. Georgina is good, but I don’t care for Isaac or the host…I can’t even remember her name at the moment.

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