6 years

Six years ago today on another Friday the 22nd, I wore yards and yards of white satin and married my best friend.
This photo is a little silly, (like I’m in a Carefree Gum commercial or something? “Life is perfect!” I guess on your wedding day it is). But I love Casey’s face in the background. Not sure if it’s “score!” or “what did I just get myself into?”
But this handsome face is the one I remember smiling at the moment I walked in the room that morning.
I wish there was a way to re-live your wedding day. I guess that’s why people have 50th Anniversary parties. But I’m sure most people agree that their wedding day was one of the coolest days of their lives.
And among the finishing touches and decor, I really loved the beautiful dress I got to wear. It was exactly what I envisioned and hoped it would be, 3/4 length(ish) sleeves and all.I just wish I had better photos to show you the details! So when I go to my parent’s house over the holidays, I’m going to pull the dress out of their closet (since Lucy’s asked me about it too), suck in real hard, and try it on (I shouldn’t be asking you for pumpkin recipes). Assuming I don’t split the back, I’ll share updated photos and a story or two about the cute Bob Mackie lady that made it for me. Oh, it was fun to live in LA. I don’t miss the annoying 2/3 of it but I often crave: Titos Tacos, the garment district, the beach, Dodger games, premiers and screenings, sunny 73 degrees, and driving as aggressively as I want. I honked at someone today and felt like entire freeway stopped and pointed fingers at me. But where am I going with this?

Oh yea, wedding days are super duper fabulous. Happy Anniversary to other October brides out there!

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