don’t forget to laugh

This is one of those spur-of-the-moment, slice of life, filler posts for you. But it reminded why I’m a mom and made me smile.

It’s been one of those days…..just really annoying and bugging and I’ve been complaining right and left. Everything seems longer than it needs to be and the to-do list is growing exponentially (while time is shrinking). I won’t bore you with the real nitty gritty. But, I’ve been grumpy and feel stressed for multiple reasons.

After picking up Lucy from school, she asked if we could buy sunglasses at Sonic.
Don’t you mean a corndog? (and a happy hour drink for me)
I guess her friend at school got some in the kid’s meal. So, on a whim, we pulled in and picked out a pair for each kid.
Lucy immediately went for the cat eyes and Owen yelled “purple!” (not sure what that means for a boy….). But $1 a pop. Not bad. You don’t need to buy the whole not-so-good meal.

They both put on their shades and as I peeked in the back seat, I just had to smile and laugh. What funny cute kids. What simple pleasures! And I realized, it was the first time I’d smiled or laughed all day. I guess that’s something we moms forget when we’re running around like crazy people.
I don’t want to be a crazy person.
And before you have a Ferris Bueller “soooo, that’s how it is in their family” moment….I just think they wanted to see what their colored lenses looked like up-close:
Or maybe they’re just rubbing noses. Whatever it is, it made me laugh. And so did the name Lucy came up with to call Owen. Since his glasses are made of bones, she loudly exclaimed a very inappropriate name for him. “Hey Mom, he’s a ______! (insert Kirk Cameron’s friend from Growing Pains)”. I quickly responded, “let’s just call him Mr. Bones or Skeleton”. Kids do say the darndest things.
Thanks Lucy for wanting to be a cat today.
You make a really cute one.

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