Fabric, Halloween countdown, and pretty orange

Today I felt like I ran a marathon.

Sorry, I don’t have a Project Runway post for you; it’s in the works.
But I felt like I was under the Project Runway stress today!

For some reason, our church decided to hold it’s annual Halloween Trunk-or-Treat (tailgate trick-or-treating) today. Which means that the kids’ costumes needed to be finished, today. Which is why I ran a marathon, today. Now in all fairness (to my complaining?) I should note that if the party HAD been held next week, on the 30th….I would be posting a very similar post on the 30th, saying how crazy it was sewing the kids costumes in one day. Blah, blah, blah. It’s just reality: I’m a project procrastinator. I know many of you are too!

So today and yesterday, I started with these fabrics and turned them into two kids costumes. Any guesses as to what they are? Lucy is on the left, Owen on the right:
Lucy’s might be kind of obvious. But Owen’s color palette was really fun. And though I usually like to stay true to a character I’m recreating, I branched out on one of the fabrics and Lucy actually got mad at me. “Mom, that’s not what his pants look like! They should be green!”.
Sorry for taking creative license.
Now I hate to tease but I don’t have photos of the finished costumes to share, yet.
Why? Because I had a real “make it work!” moment and I didn’t make it work.

I totally botched Owen’s hat, and it was 5 minutes before the party started, and I was totally under the gun, and his hat looked like crap. But he went with it as-is. And I came home later tonight and reworked it. Now it looks great! Hooray for 2nd chances.

So, Project Runway designers,
I have a new respect for you, stapling your dresses together while Tim breathes over your neck saying we have one minute till Runway!
It’s hard to work on a time-clock.

But phew, the marathon is over and now I’m sitting on the couch, eating a little pumpkin something-something. I tried a new recipe! Yummy. I’ll share it with you soon!

And on a pretty note….
Thank you all for the very sweet Anniversary comments. It was really cool to hear how many October brides there are and some of you share the same day! Very fun.
I’m not super sentimental when it comes to birthdays, etc. So I always tell my husband I don’t want any gifts but I do love it when he picks up a bouquet of these. Flowers anytime please!
I put them in my Thrifty mason jar and realized it says:
appropriate for fall.
Pretty Orange.
And….I’m done.
Talk to you soon!

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