3 days at the beach

We just got back from our trip to the beach!
And aside from a few little hiccups (windy weather, me and Casey catching a nasty virus and not being able to talk, a strange power outage in the neighborhood one night) well, other than that… everything was breezy and fun in Port Aransas.
I don’t intend for my blog to become a travelogue. But who doesn’t like pictures of the beach?! So here you go…..
3 days at the beach, on Cinnamon Shore.
We spent hours doing this:
(In case you wondered, I was there–wearing my towel dress):
And in case you also wondered, diggers like playing at the beach too. This guy spent 2 hours clearing the crazy amounts of seaweed that washed up after a storm.
If you ever get bored of the water, you can spend hours looking at the pretty houses.
Why don’t builders in my town ditch the brown bricks and stone and do more of this??
I guess I need to move to the beach.

Every home in this neighborhood is an adorable pastel shade. There’s even a lavender home! And at the end of a sandy day, the community pool was waiting for us. Three families, lots of fun, and a cute beach house = the perfect getaway. The place is called Cinnamon Shore and there are tons of beach homes for rent and some for sale too!
And the inside decor was just as charming as the exterior. I want to live here!
Our bedroom:
Katherine’s bedroom:
The kitchen bar:
Little nicknacks here and there.
We had plenty of cute kids:
and silly behavior.
And we gave three cheers for an Easter hunt and Easter stories.
We finished the weekend by fishing near the dock,
and with a stop at the local candy shoppe.
Thanks Port A for a lovely weekend!
We’ll be back…

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