bunnies for my bunnies

Happy Easter! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.
I know the holiday is over, but just had to share a last minute project….bunnies.
for my bunnies.
(One less sunburned, happier, and sitting taller than the other–disappointed that she only found 4 eggs instead of 5. Life’s tough).

But it’s nothing that two soft bunnies can’t cheer up!
So…did you know I could (sort of) knit?
I’m trying.
I learned 5 years ago when our church group made scarves for a charitable cause. But then I put the needles away, forgot how to do it, and have always wanted to relearn.
Then 2 weeks ago my good friend Katherine told me about these simple bunnies and chicks she wanted to knit for Easter. And then she offered to show me how! (she even let me borrow her nice addi needles….which I just went out and bought for myself. yay!)
I kept my goals low and aimed to make one white bunny before Easter (while Katherine made several bunnies and chicks). But then I loved the process so much that I made a purple one too!….out of the softest fuzzy yarn. I just want to pet that bunny body.
The pattern is from Susan B. Anderson’s lovely site Spud & Chloe. Have you been there? She has some darling patterns, both free and for purchase.
This particular pattern is actually from her Ravelry shop. Seriously, how cute are those pom pom tails?
The pattern was super easy to follow and kept me busy while the kids played at the park, browsed the toy aisle in Target, and when we drove 4 hours to the beach.

As a fidgety person, I really need something to do when there’s an idle moment (which is why iPhone can be addictive). I cannot sit and watch a movie anymore with keeping my hands busy. So knitting fills that need. And though I’ve crocheted projects here and there, there’s something different about knitting that I’m drawn to. I don’t mean to start a debate here of knitting vs. crochet. And maybe my mind is tainted from the 60 varieties of afghan blankets my grandma crocheted when we were kids. The lady was highly skilled at the art but her color choices were a bit off. Sorry Grandma. I still appreciate you teaching me! And who knows, maybe you’ve also picked up knitting in the next life. We’ll have to compare notes one day.

My personal opinion is that the stitches used in knitting are cooler looking than crochet. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some really, really cool crochet projects and I’m not giving up my hook. But in general, I’ve longed to become “a knitter”.
So here we are.
And here’s how my bunny came together.
I knitted all the little pieces….
Stuffed my bunny (with a small bag of beans in the bottom to keep her standing upright).
Placed pipe cleaners in the ears to make them bendy:
Gave her a tail, two stuffed feet,
And a little bunny face.
The kids thought they were great and spent all afternoon playing “hide the Easter bunny”. Watching my kids enjoy the handmade items I’ve made, makes the effort totally worth it.
And I’ve already started knitting more bunnies to give away as gifts! You know, it might take me a year to finish them….

Happy Easter!

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