Sherpa Fleece Blanket

Oh. My. Gosh.
I LOVVVVE these blankets!
And this one….

And all the sherpa fleece blankets—as does everyone else in our house.
This cactus blanket sits on our little gold couch.

(Do you remember that couch?)
((The one that I was searching for? For like, ever?))
(((And I said I was going to get it recovered? But I never did. And now it officially has a hole in it. Maybe it’s time…)))

Well, that cozy blanket looks great on the gold couch and I use it nightly.
And sometimes it makes a trip outside to the porch swing (equal love there. Everyone needs a porch swing).
The day I sewed this blanket, Lucy took it to bed with her. I think she felt like a queen wrapped around in its cozy goodness.

I’ve made these blankets with Day Trip fabrics, and Blush fabrics, and they are so much fun. They’re so easy!
• There’s a layer of soft Sherpa Fleece on the back (I got mine at Jo-Ann, but here’s a similar version on Amazon).
• There’s a large cut of fabric on the front.
• There are awesome mitered corners around, with a cool self-binding technique.

The best part is that they look so high-end and posh when you’re done.

Make ’em any size you want!
And you know what….this technique of making a self-binding quilt would be perfect with traditional quilting. Try it out!
I’ll show you tips for getting those perfect mitered corners. Plus, there’s a sneak peek at my new Baby Lock BRILLIANT sewing machine. It’s white and yellow! Yay!

All the step-by-step info is in my video here.
Or just hit the play button below:


Top Fabric – 22″ x 25″
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 28″ x 31″

Top Fabric – 38″ x 52″
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 44″ x 58″

Top Fabric – 53″ x 63″ (See * NOTE below)
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – 59″ x 69″ Note: sherpa fleece is typically 60 inches wide, so you will only need one large piece of fleece for the back.

Top Fabric -Desired finished dimensions
Back Fabric (Sherpa Fleece) – add 6 inches to both dimensions

* If you’re making a large lap-size blanket, you may need to piece two large cuts of fabric together (since most quilting cotton is only 42 inches wide). It’s best to lay everything out smoothly on the floor. Use safety pins to hold the two layers together as you sew.

[Hold it Bin pattern here]

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Check out these photos of our friend Rick, from church (I just have to share). His wife texted me saying, “We just left the fabric store and Rick is going to make 2 of your blankets!” I told her she had to take pictures for me. And there you go! Crafty Rick. Seriously, he’s amazing. He also made an eagle mascot costume for his son for their high school.

Have a cozy afternoon!

The good ole days

Instagram down? I’m still around!

And this post serves no other purpose, than to say…..with Instagram and Facebook being down all day (which I realize is frustrating for many) I’m feeling all the good feels, of the good old blogging days…..when you couldn’t find someone in 10 different places at once.

When, if you wanted an update on friends, or info on a recipe, you just came to the blog. Or you you talked to them face to face!
I miss those days.
A lot.

Of course when Instagram was down, I went to Twitter, to see what the heck was going on. Haah.

And we still don’t know why it’s down.
Soooooo. If you’re missing the ole days too, just sit back and relax,

and remember when it was all about making a freezer paper shirt, and posting it on the blog the next day.

I’ll toss my hat to that.

And if you feel like chatting. I’m here!
I won’t even promote this post on Facebook.
Since I can’t.