Your Celebration, Part 2

Hello friends.
I hope you had a nice 3-day weekend! We did some things around the house, I took a break from blogging, and we continued our Texas tour by visiting Fredericksburg (cute little town….but 1/2 of the things we planned on doing were closed. BUMMER). Overall though, a good weekend. We got a new thermostat in the house and I couldn’t be happier with our perfectly regulated A/C, now that it’s 90 degrees outside all the time. Hooray for summer!

So I realize I’m about 3 weeks late with this post but it’s never a too late to share your creations right?

And BTW, flipping through the YOU MADE IT flickr pool….holy cow! You guys have been busy!
I can’t believe how many 90 Minute Shirts are in there! And some very cool twists on it. Stuff I’ve got to try….like this and this. There are all sorts of Summer Vacation Dresses and Shorties (maybe a roundup of those next?) And the pics of your Rollie Pollies really make me smile! Thanks guys for uploading your photos to the group. So many things to share.

So for starters, how about a round-up from Celebrating MOM? Here are the creations YOU made from our tutorials last month…..


NO-Sew Flowers:

Let’s start with this beautiful bundle from The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts. Great color scheme Jenny.
From A Flower For You. How clever to shoot them against the blue wall. Sarah is brilliant. And check out how cute she is pregnant too.
Another favorite photographer/crafter, Rebekah from yeebird, made these flowers to use as place holders for her dinner party!
And then Gillar Girl used them as garden party invitations (with more beautiful photography as well):
This pretty in pink (and green) set is from Fabric Cake:
And finally, this cheery bunch from etccard’s photostream. So summery.
Next up, you made a few girly Hobo Sacks:

From Living with Punks, Susan made these sacks as Teacher Appreciation gifts. Great idea.
LEFT: fun dot sack by Life thru a Linds.
RIGHT: starbursts from bigmak&company’s photostream:
Summer Scarves:
so easy to make, right?

LEFT: from Above the Clouds, Kristie, you are darling!
RIGHT: a whimsy version from Mother of 2 Miracles. Pretty.
Two scarves from April’s Craft Nest. Totally cute with the sunglasses.
Beautiful orange medley by eword10:
two solid scarves from Zaaberry. I really love the simplicity of these:
and oh, this photo makes me smile. Roselee from Jane of all Trades made scarves for all the ladies in her life…..a grandmother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and mom.
Journal Jars

Orange Strawberry
filled a lantern with journal topics. What a cool idea! and you can never go wrong with yellow….
And this is one of my favorite photos in the group. I love what she did with the flower on top and how beautifully photographed everything is. Check her other photos on Panties and Patches:
A few of you tried out Pajama Shorts:

LEFT: A trio by Life thru a Linds
RIGHT: from Canamharris. Isn’t it fun to sew for YOU??

For her daughter Lucy’s birthday party, Chelsea 180 made CARROT CAKE. Yummm. And she wore her Summer Scarf to the celebration too. Double Whammy!
And finally, the famous Gathered Clutch by Noodlehead.

You guys have been loving Anna’s pattern, and I can see why. It’s brilliant. THANK YOU Anna for sharing with us! There were many versions of this in the YOU MADE IT group, so I tried to pick my favorites.

Vibrant, bright colors from Jill80525. Really beautiful.
A bundle of clutches from Chris at Pickup Some Creativity. The blue/black combo is my favorite.
Two versions from by night, a lovely blogger from Belgium! Other fabric versions of the clutch in her photostream:
Two clutches with wristbands by sewing princess. Great texture with the linen.
And lastly, you have to see what Emily at Saltwater Kids created. A whole STACK of clutches to giveaway as teacher gifts! Wish you were one of those teachers? Me too. She has more gorgeous photos here.
And that’s a Mother’s Day Celebration round-up. Thank you for sharing your creations with us!

Doing these posts always makes me want to share more of your stuff.

So…..any preference on what sort of round-up I should do next? Rollie Pollies? Summer Dress? Market Skirt?…….?

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