Thrifty Friday

There are 3 thrift stores in our little town. And when Lucy goes to pre-school, Owen and I make the rounds together once a week.
Goodwill is my standard stop for $2 T-shirts or furniture. But they also drive me mad with some of their pricing. They now charge almost full-price for a donated shirt that still has a store hang-tag on it (meaning….a new/never worn reject shirt from Target is priced at $7 or $8. I can get it for cheaper on Target clearance!)

So the shop we head to more often is a funny little spot called the Caring Place. I try not to be grossed out as Owen hugs all the stuffed animals and plays with the toys….because it buys me extra time to pick through the shelves. And I actually think he has fun going there (and it’s so much easier with just one child!) Some days I walk out empty handed. But last week, we had made a trip that was full of Thrifty Finds. I left the store and seriously felt like I’d shopped at a normal trendy shop!

So, here’s what I found…..

Cheap jewelry. I figured they’d be fun for Lucy’s room (but yea, I’ve worn them already). $1.25 each:
Cute little mug and aluminum tin to hold cheap jewelry, $1.50 for both:
Blanket, vintage sheet, and 2 yards of fabric:
There are always tons of vintage sheets at the thrift store. Usually they look worn or too floral for my liking. But this one was just darling. For $1, I snagged it. Maybe it’ll make a cute baby quilt down the road?

The white blanket was also in great condition and works perfect for Lucy’s bed! $2
More fabric for the stash. Seriously, 50 cents? Cute cotton chambray? Might become a dress?
These last two were my favorite finds. This pillow definitely popped off the shelf at me. Love the color and print, and there’s a quality pillow inside. The downside….
I guess they tried their best, but I’ll have to do a little doctoring. Totally worth it. Only $2:
And finally, some of you asked about the bag in the boatneck shirt pictures. It’s a thrifty find! Casey says it looks like a bowling ball bag. True. But I love it.
VERY quality, well-made, with cool lining and pockets inside:
protective feet on the bottom,
and a cool style! It’s also really comfortable on my shoulder. It’ll be a great overnight bag or carry-on. The best part… was $2.50!! I morally couldn’t leave it behind.
All of my thrifty loot. Pretty fine shopping day!
I love seeing the thrifty stuff people find. I’m sure you’ve had days like these. What’s your favorite, coolest thrift store/garage sale item you’ve bought?

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