YOU Made it – BOY roundup #2

Wow. You guys are flooding the You MADE it Flickr group with the coolest stuff. And some of your photos are just brilliant.

Judging from the amount of Market Skirt pictures in there, I think a girly skirt round-up should be next. But today, let’s talk about BOYS. All sorts of things you made, inspired by our Celebrate the Boy month…..

From Really Quite Lucky, Allie’s photos always bring a smile to my face. So colorful and bright. Here’s her little guy in a pair of jammies (made from a 90 Min. Shirt and Knee Pad pants with a Lounging Pant twist):
A bright 90 Minute Shirt, with a great photo from SylviaK:
A colorful mix of shirts from Sacha Romeo:
And this shot from Mama Hold You is just beautiful. Cool Robot fabric:
I’ve never thought to do the Knee Pad Pants in black-on-black. But how cool do they look? Total rocker. From Jenny at The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts, she’s also the first to try out the Conando shirt! Co-Co, Co-Co, Co-Co.
Have you made your Sweater Vest yet? They are so easy; I need to make more. From Googie Mama, check out this impressive ensemble. A suit AND a sweater vest. She even shows how to use the neck from the old sweater to make a new one. Totally cool:
Here’s a bright and colorful version from Jill80525. Rad hair:
And this little guy from Life in a Small House can really shake it in his Sweater Vest:

Okay, let’s talk pants….

LEFT: Can you handle this little dapper dude in his Knee Pad Pants? Thank you Just Us for sharing your great pics!
RIGHT: From The Adam’s Family, another pair of pants based on the Knee Pad Pants tutorial plus a bowtie from Crab Apple Attic’s pattern:
Jack Loves Jill tried out our Flat Front Pants Pockets Tutorial and I love the results. Great on dark denim:
And fabulous in brown plaid. The colors in these photos are just wonderful. From CraftyNHMom:
LEFT: Another creation from Sacha Romeo. Flat Front Pocket Pants in houndstooth. Totally digging the Pant/Converse photo set-up.
RIGHT: Another adorable little man. Check out Van in his Flat Front Pocket Pants, from Day to Day Ramblings:
LEFT: Split Pea Shamrocks! Ashley from Not Just Grannies calls this the Irish Eminem look. Perfect.
RIGHT: More Flat Front Pocket Pants in colorful stripes from Alyssa_j_s, upcycled from an old pillowcase and fabric scraps:
More 90 Min. Shirts.

LEFT: From Beckyllauber. Gorgeous blue eyes.
RIGHT: From Senorayatez
LEFT: Gray and Black from Semi-Siesta Seamstress. Those dark eyes are killing me.
RIGHT: Need a matching hat to go along? Check out Geckogrl2002:
A couple people tried out our Easy Fabric Dyeing.

LEFT: Sweet Unwrapping Life took old tan-colored towels and made them Gray!
RIGHT: Carrot Tops Dyed fabric and made it into a shirt, using an Ottobre pattern:
From Something Changd, her first attempt at Freezer Paper Stenciling. I’m totally impressed!
The colors in these photos immediately sucked me. From Polkadotjes:
The Newsboy Cap! from the Tutorial that shared with us. This version is from Crafted by Mama and her curly-haired model has the perfect Newsie look:
Another cap from Made by Jodi:
And a Sweater Vest with skater applique sewn on top from Sew Sew Fun:
Darling brothers. One in the Crab Apple Attic bowtie and one in the Saltwater Kids Guest tutorial, Boy’s Tie Shirt. All of it from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar:
And while we’re at it, check out her cool version of the Sweater Vest, made into a cardigan. Very cool:
More Knee Pad Pants and Lincoln Shirt! from DNA:
90 Minute Shirts from Island Mama. Love that grin:
And a few accessories to go along with the clothes.
Two creations from Ever So Small. A Zippered Pouch and Hobo Sack:
This is certain to brighten your day. The Hobo Sack combined with Noodlehead’s Guest tutorial, The Drawstring Backpack. Look what JOYaum made:

Impressed with what our MADE friends have done? YOU can do it too!

* Check out our TUTORIALS
* Try your own version of it
* Upload your photos to the You MADE It Flickr Group.

Thanks guys for sharing your talents! It’s a treat to see what you’ve made.

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