Tin Can Caddy

Everybody loves a good tin can project, right?
So. many. options.

And today I’m teaming up with 3 other bloggers: Make and Takes, Prudent Baby, and Petit Elefant and a great online site called Consumer Crafts to share a craft that works for Mother’s Day….and Earth Day.

I basically went from this pile of fun:

to this….which you could even stop right there, filling them with mom’s favorite flowers, plants, or treats:

Or you can lash a few cans together with twine and rope to create other fun options:

(which should definitely include a few Dandelion pom poms)

Okay, you only need a few supplies which are all found on consumer crafts.com.  And I gotta say, I was really impressed with the selection on their site.  They have party decorations, art supplies, stuff for kids, all your basic craft needs….even American Girl-ish doll clothes! (Lucy’s excited)….oh and Perler Beads! (Owen’s excited)

Now you could use spray paint for your cans.  But I found that acrylic paint has a bazillion more color options, is cheaper, and more Earth friendly.  Ding!  I also found that mixing the paint with a bit of glossy Mod Podge gives the dull paint a bit of shine and adheres to the cans a little better.

So grab your mod podge, paint, bakers twine or hemp, brushes, and whatever cans you have lying around.

I love using old baby food containers for mixing paint because they’re just the right size, and have lids.   So in a small container mix equal parts Mod Podge and acrylic paint.  Then start painting it on your dry, clean can.

I found that painting worked best in layers, using a blowdryer to dry between each layer.  Some colors needed about 3-4 coats of paint.

And just like that you’ve got a rainbow of tin can beauties!
Seriously, these colors just make me happy.

Now let’s lash or link a few together.  This reminds me of my Girl Scout days when we lashed 4 boogie boards together with rope and made a big raft at the beach.  Totally fun (and I guess pretty impressionable to a 9 year old).

So from this totally messing photo diagram below you basically want to start at one can and do Figure 8’s around the other cans. Wrap one way direction on the first can, then wrap the other direction on the next can, then go back and forth between the 3 cans, etc.  Don’t always follow the same path on the same can so you can vary the way the cans are linked together.

Do the same method on the bottom of the cans and you’ve got a cool silverware caddy for a summer party.

Now using the hemp rope is a tiny bit trickier only because it can be kind of stiff (softer, pliable hemp is ideal).  For a two-can vase, dab a bit of hot glue on the first can to hold the rope in place, then wrap it around and over to the other can in a Figure 8.  Wrap the rope a few times, then cut the end and glue it in place (hide the ends in-between the two cans).  Do the same for the bottom of the cans and then shift and shimmy the ropes till they’re right where you’d like.
Boxwood plant vase!

For the Craft Caddy, let’s lash 8 cans together.

Start by linking 4 cans and 4 cans separately (this makes the whole thing easier to manage).  Then put the two lines together and weave in and out around the 8 cans.  Some of the cans may shift so do your best to keep them straight (as you can see, I did not.  But it works).  Then lash the cans together at the bottom as well.

To make the little handle….

Braid 3 strands of hemp together, stick one end of the braid in between the last two cans and hot glue it in place.  Do the same on the other end of the cans.

Then fill the caddy with your favorite supplies!

And carry it wherever the crafting may go.

Any mom would love a colorful tin can surprise on Mother’s Day.  I’m sure.

And for even more options, check out what Marie from Make and Takes did with washi tape:

And we’ve got two more Earth Day DIY projects, sponsored by Consumer Crafts…..
Upcycled Carnival by Prudent Baby.

And T-shirt Necklaces with Petit Elefant:

And for a ton of Earth Day DIY ideas, check out our Earth Day Pinterest Board.

Okay. One last bit of fun.  Want free money to Consumer Crafts?….enter with the rafflecopter below for your chance to win a ConsumerCraft.com bundle worth $250, so you can get started crafting up a storm for Earth Day DIY! Be sure to visit ConsumerCrafts on twitter, facebook, and see their Crafts Unleashed blog for more craft ideas.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This is part of Celebrate MOM, a series with gift ideas for moms and women.

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  1. 1) Lisa

    I love crafting, yarn I a versatile and fun supply

  2. YAY! How fun! My favorite would be hard to choose!!

  3. 3) Mel

    I love the the caddy! It something I could totally do with my kids.

  4. 4) jessica

    so cute! lots of great ideas!

  5. 5) Hayley

    oh my gosh. I’m lovin’ this post! I love the idea of using old containers for new purposes. My sewing room has an entire shelf lined with large silver coffee cans. I printed out and attached little labels that read: “sharps”, “adhesives”, “fasteners”, “elastic”….. Love. I’m definitely going to make a few of the ideas you’ve posted here. My fav’s are the white cans with plants perched in them, and the summer silver wear caddy. And that row of beautifully colored cans just gets me! Good one, Dana!

  6. Great colorfull profect! Hope to win sth. :))

  7. 7) Collette

    Favorite craft supply? That’s a hard one. Cardboard probably. That’s what I seem to use the most of. Mama, can you make me a robot? Mama can you make me a car? Mama, can you make me a pirate costume?

  8. My favorite? That is a hard one, I love paint, clay, yarn and fabric : ]

  9. My favorite supply is either fabric or patterned paper – so many options!

  10. Ha My daughter is a girl scout and the different things that seem to make an impression on her. I will have to show her this tutorial! Question though, how to you get the can tops smooth so they don’t hurt little hands? Oh and my husbands favorite craft supply is modge podge, he loves all things glue 🙂

    • 12) Dana

      I usually take a butter knife and press down on any rough edges. It works fairly well.
      Oh, and I like to use cans that had fruit inside because overall the seem to smell better :), even when cleaned.

  11. I love bakers twine. And all kinds of fabric….

  12. 16) Alissa

    My favorite craft supply is fabric!!!

  13. 17) Sara

    favorite craft supply is Glue of course! couldn’t craft with out it 😛

  14. 18) Brenda

    I love markers (especially Sharpies!)

  15. 19) Chelsi

    I love free money! Especially when it is for crafting!!! Favorite craft supply is a good pair of scissors, of course. Other wise your project won’t get very far!

  16. I love cheap craft paint. I always feel justified in grabbing every color I want because it’s so cheap. And then it makes me happy to look at the rainbow of colors in my craft room!

  17. I often use tin cans as a caddy for crayons, etc. I just never thought to paint them! Great idea- especially if the kids (my!) crafting supplies are out in the room where everyone can see them. As always, thanks for sharing!

  18. Such cute ideas!!!!! We just got ours whole house packed up to move (Monday), and it’s going to be a while before our move is complete — in other words, till I have my craft supplies again. So this post is just about making me crazy because I want to make it but I can’t!

  19. 23) Jamie Z.

    Love all of these! My favorite craft supply of the moment is washi tape!

  20. 25) Jamie Z.

    Love all of these! My favorite craft supply right now is washi tape!

  21. 26) Julie H.

    What a cute project! My favorite craft supply would have to be beads. I love to make sweet little bracelets for my daughter.

  22. I love crayons and paint! Thanks for the fun giveaway!

    • 28) Karen

      What great ideas! Can’t wait to craft this weekend!

  23. 29) Grace Elliston

    I love love love anything with mod podge!!

  24. Great giveaway! I like yarn. So many different options!

  25. 32) Gayle Erwin

    I love all fabric for crafts, so much you can do with it!!!

  26. Oh my goodness. This is so super cute Dana!! Love it. My favorite craft supply would have to be my fabric sharpie -lately anyway. 😉

  27. 34) Christin

    I love the Idea with the paint. Here in Germany they have the tins already printed (so no paper with the print around the tin). I tried painting those ones, but you still could see the labels through. any helpful ideas?

  28. 35) Sara B.

    Thanks for another great giveaway! Really love crafting with washi tape, so many colorful options!

  29. I think my favorite craft supply would be a tie between paper and fabric. 🙂 Like pretty paper, and pretty fabric. 🙂

  30. 37) Shelly

    Card stock – a crafting staple!

  31. 38) Aubrey

    I love acrylic paints!

  32. Yikes, a favorite?? It changes often but I agree with others that it’s hard to craft without glue!

  33. 40) Jessy Rushing

    What kewl gifts for all the moms we know!

  34. Awesome giveaway! My faves are acrylic paint, card stock, and fabric! 🙂

  35. Right now I’m really loving washi!

  36. 43) Tracie S


  37. I love all the colors too. So pretty. Thanks for the tip about using modge podge with the acrylic paint. I never thought about doing that.

  38. My favorite craft supplies are funky hole punches and multi-colored card stock – I use them for everything from artwork to stationery and invites.

  39. 46) Jennifer Seace

    My favorite craft supplies are ribbon, fabric and mod podge!

  40. Love the tins. My favorite craft supplies… colorful card stock, hemp, and of course, glitter. And my X-acto knife… that little thing is like my best friend.

  41. 48) Lilia Stan

    Hooray giveaway!! I love anything and everything crafty…sewing painting beading…

  42. 49) Jackie K

    Love the idea of painting the tin cans! Great reuse and perfect for organizing all my little girls’ art supplies!!

  43. 50) Gina F

    How fun – thanks. Love craft sticks.

  44. 51) deanne

    Fabric paint! So fun to make something your own.

  45. 53) Crystal

    what great ideas. love the caddy will be making this for my kids to use.

  46. 54) Zenobia

    I use my roll of white paper all the time to draft patterns, keep paint off of the table, make notes to myself. I can also slice off some to keep the kiddos entertained.

  47. 55) Brooke

    Baker’s twine! It’s just so pretty! And burlap!

  48. 56) Fawn

    Love these ideas. And such a fun and cheap entertainment with the kids.

  49. 57) NiCaam

    I truly love a lot of mediums, did my BA in crafts and design, huge emphasis on craft, have a potters wheel, sewing machine, serger, knitting and crocheting stuff, spinning wheel for fiber…love, love,love the handmade, only problem is horrible time management coupled three small kittens in my brood. They play with me though.

  50. 59) Jill

    I could make enough of these for my entire neighborhood with the cans in my recycle bin! Ha!
    Isn’t mod podge indispensable? It is absolutely one of my favorite crafting items.

  51. My favorite craft supply is scrapbook paper because it can be used in countless ways to decorate!

  52. 61) Madeleine

    Right now, my favorite has got to be my sewing machine!

  53. Great idea!
    I have to make this with my dougthers!

  54. 63) courtney

    These days my favorite is paint. Such an easy budget friendly refresher!

  55. 64) Casey C

    Mod Podge is my favorite craft supply.

  56. 65) lisa

    favorite craft supply? probably burlap. i love the shabby chic look. 🙂

  57. My favourite craft supply is yarn (I’m a knitter).

  58. 67) T Bosch


  59. 68) Heather

    I LOVE my Bakers Twine. Thanks for another idea on how to use it!

  60. 69) Aliya

    I love ribbon. I have way more ribbon that I need. But it makes me happy.

  61. darling! so many ideas swirling in my head now.

  62. favourite craft item would have to be my hot glue gun!

  63. 73) leslie

    favorite craft item… I could no sooner pick a favorite star in the sky!

  64. 74) Jen Higgins

    My favorite craft supply? Now that is a hard question! It’s probably a three way tie between paint, modpodge, and fabric.

  65. 75) Bree

    I adore fabric!

  66. 76) katherine

    i love baker’s twine!

  67. 77) Ann

    favorite craft supply = ribbon. So beautiful!

  68. 80) Heidi

    SO EXCITING! Love all your craftiness, Dana 🙂

  69. 81) Amy

    Definitely a glue gun!! Thanks for the giveaway! Amy @ gasudimack(at)sbcglobal(dot)net

  70. 82) Ashley E

    I love fabric and ribbon!

  71. 83) Gilda

    Love fabric. Great giveaway. Thanks.

  72. 84) Anna

    My absolute favorite would be fabric, but that is likely picking your favorite child! (Don’t tell the others. . .)

  73. Great tip to mix with mod podge. I so wanted to write modge podge. Getting better not saying it that way 😉

  74. 87) Cristi

    Wow, I’ve never used modge podge or washi tape. Now I have a cute project to take the maiden voyage!! I am more of a sewer. Favorite supply?? Fabric. If it’s a screaming deal I have to buy it, even if I have no idea what I’ll do with it. And not just one yard, the whole bolt. I tried just a piece once and then kicked myself the whole way home because I knew I would need more. Next day I went back and it was gone. Still kicking myself about that one.

  75. 88) denise

    Cannot live without glue for the glue gun!!

  76. 89) Rachael

    great ideas! so cute

  77. 90) Kristen G

    Such fun Earth Day projects! My boys love finding “projects” in the recycle bin.

  78. 92) Sara

    Just one craft supply, how to pick??? I love crocheting so yarn is definitely my go to supply.

  79. My favorite craft item is Glue!!!! All kinds!

  80. 95) Emily

    What fun craft ideas!! Hmmm…my favorite craft item, hot glue gun! 🙂

  81. 96) Sarah K.

    I love the silverware caddy idea! My favorite craft item is whatever is at hand…recently it was faded papel picado that we used in a collage – so pretty! Oh, and potato stamps made from those stinkin’ potatoes that sprout on the way home from the store!!

  82. 97) Amy G

    Yarn is my favorite craft supply!

  83. 98) bdaiss

    So fun! And bright and happy! Perfect answer to the 2′ of snow we received this week. : ) My favorite craft supply? Hard to say. But my kids are ALL about the googly eyes right now.

  84. 99) Nikki

    I love fabric. I have so much of it and now people know if they’re getting rid of scraps to send them on over. A close second would be baker’s twine. I love putting that stuff on everything!!!!!!!!

  85. 102) Jordan L

    We love markers in our house! With two young boys we use washable markers ALL THE TIME. My boys love to draw and create, and I love watching them learn to design and be creative with their little brains 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. 103) LeeAnne

    At the moment I especially love freezer paper (the fact that I’m in the middle of making a bunch of freezer paper stenciled shirts for my kiddos might have something to do with it…:)

  87. 104) julie

    Rainbow pack of thin Sharpie markers- yummy. Thanks for the chance!

  88. 105) Celeste

    Anything, really. Felt, yarn, fabrics….I love them all.

  89. My favorite crafting supply is my ribbon stash!

  90. 107) Christy W

    Living overseas, I really miss easy access to craft stores! I hope they mail to APO!

  91. 108) Rachel

    I’d have to go with fabric as well 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  92. 109) Holly

    Gotta go with fabric as my favorite crafting supply. Thanks!

  93. 111) Anne M.

    I can’t wait to get my crafty on.

  94. 112) Crisanne D.

    I love re-using containers, but have never thought to lash them together! I’m in need of a new crayon, colored pencil, scissors, etc containter. Now I’m off to make me a caddy! Thanks for the great idea.

  95. 113) Anne

    my favorite craft supply right now is washi tape! i love how versatile it is!

  96. acrylic paints are a huge hit in our house — once my son sees me break out the paints, he gets so excited. I’d say most of our family crafting dollars go toward acrylic paints, brushes, and felt! Of course, this doesn’t count the $$ spent on fabric for sewing. 🙂

  97. 115) Catherine V.

    This could be so useful! Great idea!

  98. 116) Jenn

    Such a great idea, was just trying to figure out a way to organize my little ones pens and crayons.

  99. 117) laurie

    Yarn is my favorite

  100. 118) Cortney S

    I love paint. Any kind and bright colors are the best!

  101. 119) Rachel Adair

    love all the thrifty nifty ideas.

  102. 120) mary

    It’s hard to have one favorite craft supply. I love fabric, stamps, paint, glue, scissors. If had to pick just one it would be paper 🙂

  103. 121) Bekah

    Modge podge, twine, and glue gun are my go to craft supplies! Love the fresh colors!

  104. 122) Beth K

    My favorite craft supply is fabric! Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Brilliant use for a tin can and so, so colourful.

  106. 124) nicole weaver

    fabric is by far my favorite craft supply. you can do so much with it! thanks!

  107. 125) EG1972

    My favorite craft supply is hot glue. Thanks for chance to win!

  108. 126) Rachael S

    My favourite craft supply is ribbon!

  109. 127) Kathy Laird

    Fabric is my favorite craft supply!

  110. 128) Roxanne

    Being a teacher theseprojects are great because they pull double duty. Earth day & Mother’s Day

  111. 129) Sarah

    My favorite craft supply is vintage buttons.

    • 130) Michaela


  112. glitter! I love glitter and use it with everything!

  113. 132) Karli

    My favorite craft supply is Mod Podge!

  114. 133) Heather

    ribbon is my fav craft supply.

  115. My favourite craft supply is FABRIC…and bag making hardware too…..can’t get enough of either! LOL

  116. 135) Correne Johnson

    My favorite crafting supply is fabric, but I love bright paints too!

  117. 136) Lesley

    such great ideas! I’m loving the mini planters and might be making those this weekend!

  118. 137) Andrea S.

    What a great giveaway! Fabric is my favorite craft supply – so versatile. But I think I’ll try the can project soon!

  119. 138) Elizabeth

    What great ideas!! I can always count on you for some craftspiration!!

  120. These are so cute!!! I always have cans, and can always find some place great for them after making them cute.

  121. 140) Tommie @ Ilene Books

    I love paper. I hoard so much of it and keep all of the little pieces to make tags and cards out of. And its always so pretty.

  122. 141) Courtney

    My favorite crafting tool is my rotary cutter with the pinking shear blade!

  123. 142) Amanda

    I really like the little plant caddy, would be perfect for some herbs to snip off for a backyard party.

  124. 143) Cameron Lawracy

    Love that caddy idea! And thanks for the tip about adding mod podge to the paint to make it stick better to the cans. 🙂

  125. 144) Casey

    Fabric!! lots, and lots of fabric. I cant seem to get enough. I use it for everything 🙂

  126. 145) Hayley

    Okay, so believe it or not, even though I’ve read numerous craft ideas using Mod Podge, I’ve never used it before. I know you all are going to wonder how I could consider myself any kind of crafter and yet never used this product! So, I’m wondering what the benefit is to adding it to the acrylic paint rather than just painting the cans with the paint itself? Will it make the paint adhere better?

  127. 146) Jacquelyn

    Oh I need so many supplies right now! Fabric, paint, mod podge… Would love to win this!
    Thank you!

    • 147) Jacquelyn

      I forgot to say which one is my favorite… Mod Podge for sure!! (:

  128. 148) Sara

    paint~ soooo many things can be done

  129. 149) Gemia

    paints, i love paints

  130. 150) Iza Baswedan

    My favorite supply are fabrics, ribbons, papers and washi tapes 🙂

  131. 151) sarapete

    Hot glue gun

  132. 152) Erica McDonald

    My favorite craft supply is definitely the hot glue gun! 🙂

  133. Yarn and fabric – I’m a happy girl if I’m sewing, knitting, or crocheting!

  134. 154) Tara

    How could I ever say no to crafting supplies. One can never really reach their max, can they?! Thanks for the giveaway! Oh and my favorite craft supply is probably mod lodge (and it only took me 8 years to figure out that it is not called “modge podge”).

  135. Favourite craft item–fabric for myself but cardboard or styrofoam plates for my kids…they make everything out of those!

  136. 156) Anna

    My favorite craft supply is using old found objects to make new things.

  137. Fabric and paint are definently my favorite craft supplies, but I can’t choose between the two!

  138. 158) Rocio Estrada

    Favorite craft supply has to be yarn and brown craft paper!

  139. 159) cece u

    consumer crafts is cheap will be ordering things from them

  140. 160) Alicia C

    Pick one favorite?
    No, Paint.
    No, snaps.
    No, fabric dye.

  141. My Favorite Craft Supply is definitely FELT. I love the versatility – you can make “food” with it, quiet books, flowers, headbands, and it is so easy to work with!

  142. I love crafting and I love that my little girl loves to craft too. Our favorite is glue and paper. You can do so much with them.

  143. 163) Torrie

    I am a sucker for Washi Tape.

  144. 165) Wehaf

    I love yarn!

  145. 166) Leah

    My favourite craft supply would have to be cardstock. My specialty of making things is sock monkeys though, so socks and good old needle and thread are up there too!

  146. 167) marge

    ooh, too much to choose from: felt, yarn, snaps, fabric, paint, etc, etc. Too much choice…

  147. 168) danielle m.

    paint! yarn! fabric! etc… etc… etc…. !!!

  148. 169) Monica Baker

    Hands down – Mod Podge it’s the best 🙂 Plus it comes with glitter lol!

  149. Favourite craft supply? You already know the answer to that. Yarn or thread — anything I can hook. 🙂

  150. 172) beverly everly

    My fav supply would have to be paint or markers!

  151. 173) Angel Mullis

    My fav craft supply – BEADS, BEADS,and more BEADS!

  152. Favorite craft supply? Hmmm…probably my Tombow runner. I use it for everything and I love that I can use it for paper and ribbon and everything else! I love your caddy, but that boxwood vase is fabulous!

  153. 175) Leslie Farrar

    I love the washi tape and bakers twine! I don’t have either so it would be awesome to get some!

  154. 177) Heather D

    Mod Podge is my crafting essential…=)

  155. My favorite craft item is the storage that the supplies are in. I can be such a slob and perfect organization helps so much.

  156. my favorite craft supply is my seam ripper. I use it all too often unfortunately! -Jen

  157. 181) Becky

    Yarn for the many projects my daughters love…plus I want to re-learn how to crochet!

  158. 182) Stacee W

    I love all these ideas. They are very pretty and easy to make with little to no money!!

  159. 183) Marianne

    I used tin cans covered with scrapbooking paper and sealed together with scor tape to make pencil , pen and scissor holders on my desk.

  160. 184) Kristin C.

    Love my gems and ribbon!

  161. I love that they have a bunch of kids crafts. I would totally spend a ton in the kids crafts section. I’d certainly be buying a few packs of the Sakura Cray-Pas® Junior Artist Oil Pastel Set of 50. My kids love drawing with oil pastels. I find them a great medium for small children. 🙂

  162. 186) Donna W

    Usually only do scrapbooking and card making but those
    projects make me want to get my cans and twine out and
    get to work. Tfs

  163. 187) Karen

    I loved crafting when crafting wasn’t cool! 😀

  164. My favourite craft supply is definately fabric! And clay. And paper. And….

  165. 189) vickie howerton

    i have to choose? can’t do it.

  166. 190) Anne V

    Do you find that the cans need to be “roughed up” alittle with sandpaper first before painting?Or does the Modge Podge mixed in help it to stick on well/

  167. 191) db

    would love to win – thnaks

  168. 192) db

    would LOVE this – thanks

  169. 193) db

    sorry – computer glitch… didn’t mean to enter twice!

  170. 195) Vicki C.

    My favorite craft supply of the moment is HTV

  171. 196) Melody

    I’m a firm believer that there isn’t a craft that can’t be further bedazzled with the use of jewels, googley eyes, and foam sheets. : ) Thanks for the chance to win!

  172. 197) gurian6

    what fun! I never thought of combining the recycled cans into a carrier. I’ll need to do this to help organize all of my craft supplies and make them more mobile.

  173. 198) Barbara MacAskill

    I can see at least one of those 8 packs in my future! I have been trying tofigure out a low cost solution to being able to move my must-have tools handy at each “station” in my craft room! Viola! This is a winner! Can’t ask for a better solution! TFS!

  174. 199) Jean Bullock

    My favorite craft supply is paper.

  175. 200) MaryAnn Karre

    Tacky glue is the craft supply that I use the most! Love the tin can crafts!

  176. 201) Pam K.

    These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I would add that it would be best to use a can opener (like from Pampered Chef) where it takes the lid off smoothly so there is no risk of being cut from sharp edges.

  177. 202) Wendy Orme

    Paper and paint are my favorite craft supplies. Cute tutorial!

  178. 203) Denise Bryant

    Favorite craft supply… adhesives and my paper cutter!

  179. 204) lorrie

    Love this idea!

  180. 205) Bonita Anderson

    Cool ideas! I love all sorts of crafts.

  181. 206) Melissa

    My favorite craft supply right now is patterned paper!

  182. 207) karenladd

    That would be solid colored cardstock! I use it for everything!

  183. My favorite craft supply at the moment are old newspapers and glue.

  184. 209) Tami Lynch

    My favorite craft supply is paint and more paint! Lot’s and LOT’s of CoLoR ! 🙂

  185. My favorite craft supply is unfinished wood!

  186. 211) Robyn

    I love the colors of the caddy – I have been saving some coffee cans forever and this seems like the right project for them!

  187. Washi tape – love! And anything twine-ish, card stock, yarn!

  188. 213) Nancy Blue Moon


  189. These are wonderful Earth Day projects and so do-able! I think my favorite scrap supply (at the moment) is PAPER…can’t get enough of it!

  190. 215) Ellen Barth

    Hard to say my favorite supply. I have done a lot with fabric!

  191. my favorite crafting supply is glitter!

  192. 217) Stephanie

    My favorite item to work with is fabric, and my favorite tools are my sewing machine and my glue gun!

  193. 218) Lori

    I have 6 daughters, and we are ALWAYS in need of new craft supplies! <3

  194. 219) Lee

    Trims are my favourite supply – and ric rac is my favourite trim – Ric rac zig zag wig wag 🙂

  195. 220) Christa

    It’s hard to pick just one, but my fabric stash is my absolute favorite! And my washi tape is a close second. 🙂

  196. 221) charissa


  197. 222) Kristen

    My favorite craft supply is definiteyly fabric! Thanks!

  198. 223) Amy W

    I love crafting with fabric.

  199. 224) Joyce

    What fun project for summer. I can see this being a great picket fence herb garden.

  200. 225) Chyn

    Love to win this.

  201. 226) River

    This “free sharing” of infoamrtion seems too good to be true. Like communism.

  202. 227) eva

    My new craft obsession the moment is painting mason jars. Very easy and cheap.

  203. 228) Carey

    I need to create a can that a seven year old can put strips of paper into for a learning project. A coffee might be best, but smaller cans could work. How can I create a can that doesn’t have sharp edges inside? Thanks!

  204. 229) Liz

    Thanks for this! Great idea.

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