candy cane garland

My mom always has candy canes on her tree which is so convenient when you need a treat. Just pick one off. Christmas fruit? YES.

I wanted to do the same….candy canes for anyone who stops by the house or needs some holiday cheer. They looked cute in my spray painted owl. But I was lacking decor on one of our living room walls…
So I used them to make a garland instead.
Lucy loved this idea and helped me put it together (she’s been handing them out to friends ever since).
* Cut strands of twine or skinny rope
* Tie loose knots every few inches (I hung 5-7 candy canes on each strand)
* Hang the strands on the wall with tiny nails, thumb tacks, or tape? I used nails, and my husband rolled his eyes. More holes? Yep.

It’s easiest to make/hang them one strand at a time to see how far to space it all.
Then fill those little ropes up and you’ve got candy canes for everyone. Replenish the empty spots as needed (hopefully often). It would also make a cute Advent Calendar.
I couldn’t decide if I liked a classic red/white look or a colorful fruity mix. I think I like the colors. Goes better with the orange Noel pillow. And the kids like fruity flavors.

Happy sharing!

  1. 1) doodle bug

    love the Christmas bed linens!

  2. 2) jet

    aaaw this is cute and adorable. Reaylly love it, and sooo easy made.
    thank you for your great tute and the sharing;-D

  3. 3) nancy Braman Hutchison

    love the multi colored!

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