The Rollie Pollie is HERE!

Still looking for hours of entertainment?
We hope so! Because the Rollie Pollie has arrived….

You can find the very detailed Pattern right HERE in our Shop!

Included in the pattern are:
* Easy-to-follow instructions for the intermediate sewer.
* Beautiful colored photos.
* Tons of info about Fabric selection, sewing with zippers, and sewing the filling shut.
* Links and info about where to buy the right stuffing for your Rollie Pollie.
* How-to make an Insert Rollie Pollie and a slip-cover to go over it (easy to wash!)
* Instructions on a variety of style choices for the Handle.
* TWO different Child’s Pattern sizes to choose from.
* Patterns and measurements, which can be printed right on your home printer!
We’ve been playing with our Rollie Pollies all week and a few things are certain…..
They’re still fun to drag around,
There’s been plenty of jumping and diving,
Owen likes them as much as Lucy,
They really are perfect for taking a nap.
and though the kids are good about sharing from time to time…’s probably best for each child to have their own.
So head over to the SHOP and grab your ROLLIE PATTERN HERE.

  1. 2) Elizabeth Youngs

    These are so AWESOME!!! I cant wait to make one for each of my two little princesses:)

  2. 4) Laurel Kruse

    Love these. Can’t wait to make them. They will look great in or media room.

  3. 5) Kyla Wildsoet

    These look great fun for the kids and then something to put your feet up on when they have gone to bed.

  4. 6) Fiona

    Hi. This is just what I’ve been looking for for my children! All 3 will want one!

  5. 7) Erica Solum

    Would love the pattern!

  6. 8) Tamara

    I would love the pattern. This is just what I have been looking for.

    • 9) Deshi

      I would love to be able yo purchase the pattern and from where . I live in Canada. Not like the warm weather of Austin, right now we have lot snow and ice cold wind.

  7. 11) Erinlee

    The link to the pattern shop doesn’t work, it keeps 404’ing me.
    I would really like to look.

  8. I love bean bags and I really fell fall this after seeing the image of the rollie pollie bean bags

  9. 14) christine


    can you please send me a copy of the bean bag pattern


  10. 15) Anatoliy

    Hi. I am from Ukraine and I cant find so pretty bean bags here, but want to craft it. Can you please send me a copy of the bean bag pattern? Thanks:)

  11. 16) Anatoliy

    Hi. I am from Ukraine and I cant find so pretty bean bags here, but want to craft it. Can you please send me a copy of the bean bag pattern? Thanks:)

  12. 17) Brittany Long

    I can’t wait to make it! I only counted 4 emails…but then I realized it was from 4 years ago…didn’t know if I could still get it for free. THanks for sharing though.

  13. 19) marie-pier

    thank You!

  14. 20) Mary Christian

    I would love to have the directions on how to make the Rollie Pollie Bean bags

  15. 21) Maria


    Can you send me the bean bag pattern? Thanks!

  16. 22) Ginise

    I would love to try this for my 4 kids, thanks. They are going to love these

  17. 23) Denise Kerr

    i am new at sewing and would love to try to make the Rollie POllie chair. Please send me a copy of your pattern.

    Thank you,
    Denise Kerr

  18. 24) alice kim

    i.m korean ~
    pantastic you.r rollie pollie

    give me pattern please~

  19. 25) Rebecca

    Hi – is this pattern still available? Thanks!

  20. 26) Rita j

    What are the two Rollie-Pollie sizes? I couldn’t find the dimensions on your web page.

    • 27) Dana

      Here you go. You can find this info on the pattern listing, in the first box:

      (Finished dimensions are from one side of the rollie, half-way around, in a semi circle to the other side.)
      Small – best for ages 1-2 years (38 x 38 inches)
      Large – best for ages 2-6+ (50 x 50 inches)

  21. 28) Jessica

    Thank you for your pattern! I’m in the middle of making the large RP but I can’t find the seam allowance for the project in the instructions. What seam allowance would you recommend? Also, when I traced the fourth panel for the cover, instead of tracing the right side and shifting it to the left 1 inch, I traced the left side one inch away. Unfortunately, it did not come out asymmetrical *insert sad face here*. Could this still work?.
    Thank you for all your help! I love your videos!

  22. 29) Tiffany Quilter

    The link to your pattern is not working. I know it is an old post, but could I still get the detailed pattern?

  23. 31) Sarah

    Hi Dana,

    This is an odd question, but my 9 year old son wants to be a blueberry this year for Halloween and in brainstorming ideas, it occurred to me that your rollie pollie pattern might work with temporary openings for head, arms and legs (and then we could sew it up and have a rollie pollie when Halloween has passed). Does that seem do-able to you or should I keep looking for blueberry body ideas? Thanks for your input. I’ve followed your blog since way back when I was on maternity leave with my soon-to-be-blueberry. šŸ™‚


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