I guess I’m crafty

Well, it’s been a long 3 months of crafting-on-demand and I’m pleased to announce that So You Think You’re Crafty has come to an end! And I guess you guys think I’m crafty because….I won! Thank you, thank you for voting. You guys made it happen!
It’s been a crafty ride and at times I’ve felt completely exhausted. But I’m so glad I participated. The constest pushed me to come up with projects I might not have done on my own, it helped me expand my Tutorials and Patterns, and the coolest part is that I made some real friendships with other crafty participants. So a huge thank you to Missy for organizing the site and letting us participate! She put a ton of time into it all and we’re all happy she did.

So as the contest comes to a close, how about a look back at each week….

Week 1, HarvestThe Harvest Dress and Dinner for Two (tutorials here and here)Week 2, Leaves – The Modern Leaf Pillow (PDF pattern here)
Week 3, Green – Recycled Grocery Totes (tutorial here)
Week 4, Turkey – The Turkey Dressing or Can-Can Skirt (PDF pattern here)
Week 5, Snow – Super Snowflakes (tutorial here)
Week 6, Mittens – The Flapper Chandelier
Week 7, Gifts – Candy Bags! (tutorial here)
Week 8, New Years – Parade Jackets
Week 9, Wild Card – Rollie Pollie bean bag chairs.
Some of you have asked about the Rollie Pollie tutorial and yes, it’s coming. But a nasty stomach flu overcame me last night and so, it’s still in the works. Very soon you’ll find a mini tutorial for it on SYTYC and a very detailed pattern for sale in my Shop!

As always you can find Tutorials for past SYTYC projects in the TUTORIALS tab at the top of my blog or by clicking the images below:
And that’s a wrap!
It’s been fun!
Back to normal life.

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