Sunshine Shortie

Though summer may be winding down for some of you, it’s roasting hot here and our friends Down Under are just beginning the summer season. So there’s plenty of time for making what I like to call, a Shortie.
Refashioned from a men’s T-shirt, it’s a playful take on a simple shirred dress. It’s a onesie shorts outfit, or….a Shortie!
The top was first sewn with lines of orange to make the color pop and then sewn over again with orange thread on top and elastic thread in the bobbin.
And to make the Shortie work, I added a crotch piece made from the sleeves of the shirt so that the hems match:
Waiting for Dad at the train station never felt so fun….
A tutorial, pattern, or something for the Shortie is in the works.
Now enjoy your warm summer night!

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