Polka Dot Swimsuit

Dear Deborah,
Not sure why it took me a whole week to sew on simple straps?!….but as I’ve admitted before, I’m easily distracted. So, here it is! Introducing, Swimsuit #1: Otter Pop Dots
I used normal elastic (though Whitney left some good tips about elastic in the comments section of the past swimwear post). I made casings for the legs and the strap around the top. And there’s elastic in the straps, which are sewn simply to the front and back of the suit. It’s definitely my first attempt and hopefully not my finest but it sure looks stinkin cute on her skinny little bod.
We’ll see how it holds up when we hit the water. But for now it was parfait for an afternoon of Otter Pops….
and airplanes.
Can’t wait to see your finished products!
Hope to talk soon!
– dana

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